War Recap & Insights — DirtyDonators

Oh, the tears of shame — JTJ has fallen.  LOL.

Yes, we got our lunch handed to us by “DirtyDonators”:


So, after crying it out, I thought I would poke around in the rubble of our war bases and see if there were insights and/or humor to be garnered.  Here is what I found:

  • Their Extra TH9 wasn’t the issue  — We were even on TH10 #’s but they had an extra TH9’s which helped close out two of the TH8 they were sucking on — but really that wasn’t the problem (just two star swing there).
  • Our TH8 Was, By Far, Better —  They needed 10 assists (out of 19) from their TH9 to close our TH8 (53%).   Our TH8 posse only need 3 assists (out of 18; 16%).  That meant our TH9 had 7 extra attacks in their group to catch up or fix mistakes.  Sadly, this wasn’t enough — read on.
  • Our TH9 was BAD — It was a bad, bad day for TH9 (TH10 was similar but we’ll get to that in a bit).  The overall comparison wasn’t too bad — Out of 21 bases we produced 7 three stars (33%) while the enemy closed 13 of 20 (65%).   Down by seven stars (have to add one as we they had an extra TH9 we needed to close to stay even).   However, the vomit on the sidwalk was when we had 3 bases that were left one starred.  EEEK!!!  Should never see that in TH9.   So three more stars lost there, 10 total.
  • Naked TH9s? — So I in trying to assess if our TH9 was at a disadvantage with defense (their TH9 being better) I come to find out that 4 of our twenty have level 1 XBows and FOUR of our TH9 don’t have ANY.   Thats  40% of our TH9, for those playing at home, that are basically TH8 defensively or slightly better.  EGAD!!!   I compared that to the enemy they had 1 TH9 with none, 1 with one xbows and 2 with level 1.  In short, throwing out their ‘extra’ TH9 — they had 3 level 1 or lower TH9 bases when looking at xbows to our 8.   All TH9’s with xbows < level 2 were 3 starred on both sides except whooboy but that was more to a bad hog attack than his invisible xbow defense being validated.   Two messages on this (1) get your xbows to level 2 ASAP and (2) the enemy did have a TH9 advantage (maybe 3-4 stars worth) from that.
  • Our T10 In Comparison Wasn’t Horrible … In Comparison — So I’ll start pointing the finger at myself.  Whiff on #1.  Yikes.  Let’s ignore my later whiff on #4 with mass hogs (as that was more of an experiment — LOL).   This lead to dropping 2 stars them in TH10vsTH10 (we had 6 stars they had eight).  However, when you look at the big picture of all TH10 attacks, we produced 13 stars to their 15 (both teams had six TH10s).     Still, we need better production out of our TH10 so we’ll be tweaking the assignment rules for the top clashers per ‘suggestion’ (rant?) by Alaska.  LOL.
  • Our TH10 NUKES Were Defused — We had 5 NUKES cleared from TH10 and only one landed (20% success).   Hard to compare to the enemy as they didn’t use two of their TH10 attacks (in the lead; thanks for not running up the score LOL).  Of the NUKES they did do they were 2 for 2 (100%).   This is what we should be seeing out of NUKES.
  • Should We Have NUKED more From TH10 — There was discussion of if we should of conceded (not attacked #1 and perhaps #2 and NUKED TH9 instead.   The final map shows that three TH9 bases remained with 1 star and we whiffed twice on #1 attacks (max base) so four stars might of been retrieved in this strategy, but the war was lost regardless gaps at TH9 and TH10 that remained.  Given that we’ll be posting a tweak to the calling guidelines in a bit (on how the top X assignments are setup).

Hope the above helps.  I found it to be a very interesting war.


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