Sub-Clans — Coaching


Everyone has a sub-clan but is it doing what it supposed to (teaching new clashers the ways of your clan)?   I would say typically not.  Most sub-clans are really created as overflow clans for the main and/or spinoffs of the main that are really just new clans.

A true sub-clan, in my humble opinion, needs to focus on exposing and coaching clashers how the main clan attacks, as well as its processes, its lingo.  As a bonus, it should help those clashers get better on critical attacks at their TH level so that once they reach the main they are rolling the enemy from day one.

To do the above, JTJ and its sub-clans JTJ2, JTJ3, JTJ4 follow a simple process:

  1. Veteran Involvement:  Make sure 5+ veterans from the are active and playing in the sub-clan.  This could be an alternate account of theirs but the key is involved so that when questions arise they can be answered.
  2. Coach In-War: As time allows, JTJ vets in the sub-clans provide coaching in the sub-clan (similar to what you get on NATION).
  3. Many Clans — One NATION:  Once you have sub-clans, communication will become more complex as there isn’t one global chat available.  We setup JTJU NATION to address this (group on BAND).  It allows all JTJ clans and JTJU Affiliates to talk shop in the lingo of JTJ.  How we attack, attack types, etc.   Plus has nice ‘IM’ and media (photo, video) sharing abilities.  This is a great place to get coaching from everyone in the JTJ Clan family and Affiliate program (and vice-versa).
  4. REAL TIME, GROUP COLLABORATION:  NATION is good but its a bit low-fidelity — post, wait, post, wait.  Clan chat is weak as its hard to talk in one stream.   So, when you want to go all crazy live with your posse, we setup what we call clashCOOLER — TeamSpeak + basically.  In this way, when you need a group to get together and real time mark up a base for defensive tweaks and/or offensive planning its just a click away.

For a detailed look of how JTJ does this in its feeders, check out this video:


Hope it helps


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