813R Dragoon


Editors Note: Don’t get our slang? Check out our dictionary HERE.


Well since the patch on July 1st 2015 (added the dark spells) there has been a lot of excitement on one aspect of gameplay it enabled — zapQuake.  This is where you can take down a max Air Defense at TH8 with just 2 level 5 lightning spells (zap) and one earthquake spell (quake).   Since it used to take 3 lightning spells to do the same — it lets you get it done with 5 spell slots instead of 6.

This, plus the addition of one spell slot to TH8 (moving it up to 7 instead of 6), allowed you to get the AD down with spells but, unlike before, still have enough spell slots (2) left for one big spell.  BONUS!   Now, air based attacks on maximum TH8 bases were once again feasible (the release of the Air Sweeper earlier in 2015 had made hogging far more likely on max TH8 bases) as the rage could counteract the AS.

So how does this take shape in actual attack styles?   JTJU vets out there will remember we had 3 main dragoon attacks at TH8 that worked off lightning:

This write-up looks at how the prior 813 (mostly Deep) changes with zapQuake basically enabling the addition of a Rage spell for your CC loon snipe team in an 813 (and hence the new nickname “813R” for this style of attack).


  • Camp Units — 8 Dragons, 8 Loons.
  • Clan Castle Units — 5 Loons.
  • Spells — 2 Lightning, 1 Earthquake, 1 Rage.

This is how that is used in 813R Deep:


Here is how its used in 813R Trident:



  • JTJ Names:
    • Alias — 813R
    • Full Name (all phases)
      • 2LQ, 813R Dragoon
  • JTJ Name Breakdown (from full name):
    • 2LQ — This tells you that you are using spells to get down one AD to start (lightning*2, 1 earthquake).
    • 813 — Tells you that you have 8 dragons going after one AD with 8 loons from camps supporting.  5 more loons are in CC (max) and are used for the backside.
    • R — Tells you this is the max version of 813 (in the alias reference) and you are using a rage to support the CC Loon attack on the backside.
  • Alias(es):
    • zapQuake Dragoon
    • zapQuake
  • Variants:
    • 813R Deep – Most 813/813R attacks are of this type  Means you are committing all loons from your camps to supporting the dragon push.  Only the CC loons are used to get the backside AD.  Deep is referring to how the 1st AD is ‘deeper’ in the base requiring this extra force.
    • 813R Trident – Some 813/813R attacks are of this type.  This is where the AD the dragons are targeting is pretty close to the edge enabling just the dragons under rage to take out the 1st AD.  This leaves the CC loons (minus 1 for vanguard action on backside snipe) to attack another front (typically the area the zapquake clears) independent of the backside side snipe (so you have three teams — dragon, backside cc loons, and the camp loons — hence ‘trident’).


    • Clashers with TH8.1 Offense — To get this to work you would need lightning at level 5, Dragons at level 3, Balloons at level 5, and level 1 earthquake.  That’s a lot of building and research.  A more impactful path to upgrade is hogs first, then shift to dragons/loons then dark spells as hogs can enable you to take out most TH8 bases all by itself.  Our recommended upgrade path is here.
    • Clashers with TH8.5 Offense — At mid level TH8 you still don’t have you dark spell factory up and earthquake up to level 1 probably (lots of stuff prior to that). So if you see a base that looks like an 813 you probably just want to go 813 vanilla on it (or hog it).
    • Clashers with TH8.9 Offense — Now you are ready.  You got max Dragons, Balloons, Light, Earthquake at Level 1 and your CC is max.


  • TROOP LEVEL(S): While this depends to some extent on the level base you are attacking, you generally will need –
    • Units
      • Dragons — Level 3
      • Balloons — Level 5
    • Spells/Buildings
      • Earthquake — Level 1
      • Lightning — Level 5
      • Clan Castle at 25 Slots
    • Royals (King)
      • Not a big factor (used for distract on backside)


JTJ is working on a decision tree of base attributes that leads you to the ‘recommended’ attack for that type of base. You can read about it more HERE. Summarized below is the logic (base attributes) that lead to using this type of attack. Note, tree logic changes all the time so you should ask on JTJU’s NATION for current logic if you try this attack based on what looks to be matching base but it fails.

  • Base Level – TH8
  • Tree Logic (Raw Form; as of 09/27/15) – Read questions in order (if you don’t agree w/ a question might not be a “813R” base:
    1. [ {AD665 or lower?} — OR — { One AD Broadside 5 or less c2c?} — OR — {2 ADs exposed (easy snipes) } ]? (YES)
    2. [ {2 ADs snipeable via loons/hogs w/ spell support?}  — OR — {ADs spread (no 2 w/i 7 tiles) — AND — 1 AD snipeable w/ CC loons?}  — OR — { One or more broadside options (2 ADs w/i 8 tiles)?} ]  (YES)
    3. One or more AD broadside options (w/i ~8 tiles center to center)? (NO)
    4. 2 AD’s Exposed To Supported Snipe (i.e. 2-3 hops in; loon/rage or hog/heal with dense route)?  (NO)
    5. 1 AD exposed to unsupported snipe (i.e. cc loon snipe w/ K distract) (YES)
    6. 4 EQ Open Up Base (2-3 boxes left)? (YES)
    7. Do you have max lightning and earthquake? (YES)
    8. Assuming 813, AD on primary attack line and backside shallow (i.e. 2 hops in)?
      1. YES — 2LQ, 813R Trident Dragoon
      2. NO — 2LQ, 813R Deep Dragoon


I didn’t break this down into mugshots of 813R Deep and 813R Trident.   For any 813R you need to see ….

That the AD’s Are Spread


That one AD is easily backside sniped (factoring in rage support with max loons)


AS, after 2LQ, can be avoided or mitigated (taken out as part of loon snipe under rage; distracted from primary push; etc.)




Here is a full breakdown of how the units are used in the attack by phase/sub-phase of the attack.  I’ve included both variants of the 813 (Deep & Trident).

mix-phase v2


  • Loon Pathing — The backbone of the 813 is the loons.  Both in terms of the loons from your camps supporting the dragon push getting to the 1st AD as well as the loons coming from the CC for the backside snipe under rage.  If you get dragged off path and don’t get down either of those in short order after deploying that flank — you are probably going to struggle.
  • Loons Ahead of Drags — You want to be quick w/ your loons from camps to support your drags — but not too quick.  If your loons get out in front of the drags before getting to the ADs — bad day ahead.  Wait for drags to engage the CC (lock) then drop them.
  • Drag Clump vs CC Max Drag — Ideally you want your drags to come at the 1st AD from 2-3 sides (2-3 groups).  What you don’t want to happen is you clump all 8 drags into a tight spot (or majority of them) and then engage the CC which is a maximum dragon.  It will deal a ton of damage to the clump making long term follow through of the drags more difficult.
  • Backside Loons Harassed — The Snipe team (loons or hogs) is not big (25 slots, 5 loons) so you need to make sure you wait till the defenses they are attacking are solidly distracted.  Use your King before the CC deploy to tie up Archer Towers or Wizard towers on the edge.  Also, save one camp balloon (so deploy 7 instead of 8 w/ your dragons) and drop it ahead of the cc loons.  Ideally this will take out any air mines on the backside snipe path (keeping your CC loons healthier, longer).
  • Trident — The Trident is the more risky of the two attacks as you are trying to maximize impact of the troops by spreading them.  However, you need to be confident the Trident’s Dragons can get to the first AD quickly under rage (they have no loon support) and that the backside snipe team can get to that AD without dying first.   In both cases, one good check to reduce either risk from happening is to make sure that the hop depth to the ADs is no more than 2 (maybe 3 for the dragons).



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