Clash of Clans — Attack Tactics — TH9 — 3Go Royal Bo 2J, Hog or Loon Snipe (Aka 2J)

Hey guys, this clan war attack video breaks down a TH9 attack that was recently used on us by another high level war call for 50% OF THEIR TH9 3 STARS. Definitely made me take notice.

In short, here is the approximate mix:

– 3 Golems
– 5 Bowlers (in CC)
– 8 Wizards
– 18 Hogs or Loons
– Some units for cuts at the start
– Rage, 2 Jumps (hence 2J), 1 Heal, 2 Poisons

The deploy is basically to attack at the xbows with the 3GO Royal Bo team Jumping to them while you snipe (hog or loon) off the distracted edge defenses shooting that 3Go team.

Works really well and has spare troops at times.

Hope it helps.


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