Clash of Clans — War Recap (Random) — JTJ Main vs Battle!!! — 10/09/16

Hey Guys,

Got another war recap from JTJ Main.


– War Date — 10/09/16
– War Type — Random
– Enemy — Battle!!!
– Size — 30
– Result — Win — 90 to 50

Highlighted attacks:

— TH10 – Chris – Queen Charge, HeBo Flank, King Bo Charge (3* hitup!; Fresh Hit)
— Th10 – SwuTangClan – Queen Walk, Valk Keyhole, Hog Snipe (3* hitup!; Fresh Hit)
— TH10 – Chris – Queen Walk, King Mass Valk, Hog Snipe  (3* hitup!; Fresh Hit)
— et. al.

Hope it helps.

RunBuck (a.k.a. Wry)

Tags: Clash of Clans, Clan Wars, War Recap, JTJ, RunBuck, Wryhorn, Random, Battle!!!, Perfect War, TH10, HitUp, Queen Walk, Queen Charge, HeBo, Hog Snipe

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