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If you are the big wood for your clan at the TH8 level (mostly upgraded offensively) and looking at a base that seems too spread to hog but one Earthquake (well 4) can open up the base (just 2-3 boxed in areas remaining) this attack is for you.   A little earthquake to open the base and then you release the horde.  Well kinda.  LOL.



  • Camp Units — 3 Golems, 14 Wizards, 1 PEKKA, 2 Wall Breakers, 5 Barbarians, 4 Balloons (or Hogs).
  • Clan Castle Units — 2 witches, 1 archer.
  • Spells — 1 Heal, 1 Poison, 4 Earthquake.


  • JTJ Names:
    • Alias — 3 Go Eq
    • Full Name (all phases)
      • cc21, 3 Go EQ, sLo
      • cc21, 3 Go EQ, sHo
  • JTJ Name Breakdown (from full name):
    • cc21 — This tells you that you be triggering the CC and killing it with a cc21 (2 witches, 1 archer) and some supporting wizards.  You could also drop a Golem as part of the distract.
    • 3 Go — Tells you that that attack involves 3 Golems spread along the attack front such that your troops (wizards, witches, etc.) don’t get sniped.
    • EQ — Tells you that Earthquake (4 exactly) will be used to take out a key 4 tile radius area of the base such that only 2-3 boxes remain.
    • sLo or sHo — Tells you that you will have 20 slots of your army allocated for sniping the backside defenses.  Usually its sLo (4 loons) when you think your core group will get to ALL the Air Defenses before the backside has chewed on you much.  If the AD are pretty spread (hard to get down quick in mid) then consider hog — aka sHo (4 hogs).
  • Alias(es):
    • Simple name (belongs in this family) — GoWiPe
    • GoWiPe Earthquake
    • Earthquake
  • Variants:
    • Drop golems down to 2 and use extra slots for more offensive punch.  This works better on oblong/rectangle bases (attacking from one of the short sides).
    • Drop PEKKA add hogs if you see parts of base left boxed that is weak to hogs and not on backside (not part of snipe or extended focus for snipe).


  • TH LEVEL: TH8 Max Offense
    • NOT TH8.1 Offense — So you have a bit of building to do if you want to pull this off.   Early on in TH8 (till AD666 shows up) you are probably better off doing Dragoon based attack.  Once AD666 hits you can toggle to hogs if it works.
    • NOT TH8.5 Offense — At mid level TH8 you should have your dark spell factory up and up to level 2 in terms of upgrade.  This gives you Earthquake level one.  You still need level 2 or better to take out the walls w/ 4 Earthquake spells.  So focus on hog variants on your TH8.5 bases.
    • TH8.9 Offense — By now you got all the keys in play.  Earthquake up and to level two.  Golems would be level 1 (or better yet 2).  CC would be size 25 to hold 2 witches.
  • TROOP LEVEL(S): While this depends to some extent on the level base you are attacking, you generally will need –
    • Units
      • Golem at level 1 or better
      • PEKKA at level 2 or better (if not swap in wizards for PEKKA perhaps)
    • Spells/Buildings
      • Earthquake at Level 2
      • Poison at Level 1
      • Heal at Level 4 but Level 5 is better
      • Clan Castle at 25 Slots
    • Royals (King)
      • Not a big factor


JTJ is working on a decision tree of base attributes that leads you to the ‘recommended’ attack for that type of base. You can read about it more HERE. Summarized below is the logic (base attributes) that lead to using this type of attack. Note, tree logic changes all the time so you should ask on JTJU’s NATION for current logic if you try this attack based on what looks to be matching base but it fails.

  • Base Level – TH8
  • Tree Logic (Raw Form; as of 09/05/15) – Read questions in order (if you don’t agree w/ a question might not be a “CC21, 3Go EQ, SLo/sHo” base:
    1. [ {AD665 or lower?} — OR — { One AD Broadside 5 or less c2c?} — OR — {2 ADs exposed (easy snipes) } ]? (NO)
    2. [ { Hog friendly?  (DBG defusable AND CC Triggerable?)} — AND — { NOT Wall Weak — i.e. < 7 boxes & Pink Walls, 8+ boxes Gold Walls vs max TH8 PK } ]? (NO)
    3. 4 EQ Open Up Base (2-3 boxes left)? (YES)
    4. Are ADs all in or near mid box?
      1. YES — CC21, 3Go EQ, sLo
      2. NO — CC21, 3Go EQ, sHo


Island Bases (notice how 3 islands can be opened w/ EQ)


Oblong Base (could go w/ 2 golems here and more wizards)


See how EQ at Wizard Tower at 6 opens up 4 boxes


See how EQ on Mortar Opens 5 boxes


See how EQ can open 4 boxes if hit mortar at 11?



Here is a full breakdown of how the units are used in the attack by phase/sub-phase of the attack.



  • Boxes After EQ > 3 — So if your army has to bang through a lot of walls you will take damage as  you try to work through walls (more than you want) and potentially lose due to time as well.
  • Lose and/or Forget Flankers — This is a slow moving attack so you need a couple wizards on each flank that clean outside trailing buildings after team reaches mid.  Without you might struggle due to time.
  • Witches from CC Die — The witches in the attack provide the sustained attack this attack needs to power to the win.  Losing them early to CC and/or flanking fire (if your golems don’t keep a solid spread) is a big issue.
  • Release Snipe Team Too Early — The Snipe team (loons or hogs) is not big (20 slots, 4 units) so you need to make sure you wait till the defenses they are attacking are solidly distracted.



  • TBD

4 thoughts on “3Go EQ”

    1. The goal, w/ 3Go typically is to drive and sustain in mid while a snipe group works around it off the mid taking distract fire. Now you could do 1 spell as rage (to deal w/ CC) but probably not needed at TH8.


  1. With the addition of CC spell, one can use 3 slots for EQ and recieve 1 EQ in the CC. It leaves 4 slots for spells, which of these would you choose:

    1 Heal, 2 Poison, 4 Earthquake
    2 Heal, 4 Earthquake
    1 Heal, 1 Rage, 4 Earthquake


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