JTJ Affiliates



Editors Note:  Don’t get our slang?  Check out our dictionary HERE.

For those clans that are hard core fans of the JTJ content and community, you might want to consider becoming a formal JTJ affiliate (full list of current and past affiliates at bottom).   How do you do this?   Well, in short you Permanently Put a Call Out to JTJ and its YouTube Channel “RunBuck on Games” In Your Clan Description.  Examples:

* Proud affiliate of JTJ (youtube.com/runbuckongames)
* Powered by JTJ (youtube.com/runbuckongames)
* Why we beating you?  Start with JTJ (youtube.com/runbuckongames).
* etc

We ask that,  not so much to help gain subs for the RunBuck on Games channel (we are a small fry in the CoC YouTuber pool).   Really the goal is to help “confused” clans they meet in war “get JUST A LITTLE BETTER at the game of clash of clans”.   Clash of Clans needs a thriving community of good clans (affiliates can still be the great ones of course – LOL) to stay awesome.  Smashing confused clans over and over is no fun (boring for good clans; game quitting event for bad ones).  So, pointing your fallen enemies to RunBuck on Games might help them stay in the game and in turn make the game better for everyone.  We all love the game (or you wouldn’t be reading this).  Doing what we can to help others understand, enjoy, and play it longer is the right thing to do.

Now, outside of helping those struggling with the game (and giving a high five to RunBuck on Games as a channel), why would you do the above?   You probably wouldn’t.  LOL.  O.k  O.k.  We may come up w/ cool stuff for affiliates to do like The Gauntlet which should roll out in June of 2016 … or a next generation “One Tree” called Matrix … but no promises.  You sign up to be an affiliate because you love the content and the community JTJ is producing.

So, want to step forward and join the 60+ Affiliates (as of 06/08/2016)? Well, dally no further — apply via the form below.

– RunBuck (aka Wryhorn)



For those curious (or looking for a new clan home not in JTJ), here are the affiliates that have come out of the closet and admitted their JTJ blood ties:

  • #1 – JTJ2 (#PQP2GR9C).

The first feeder of JTJ.  Clashers are sent here, if its not full, if they want to join JTJ.   A laid back version of JTJ but leverages the same attack styles and one tree.  Candyman (ex-JTJ co-leader) runs the show down here with a bunch of other ex-JTJ’ers.

  • #2 – JTJ3 (#Y2VCPRJQ).

JTJ’s second feeder.  Same as JTJ2 (Wryhorn calls up from here and JTJ2 each Friday based on skillz and needs in JTJ).

  • #3 – CatzClan (#2PGCJOUR)

The first clan that was a fan of JTJU (to the point of talking about it their description – LOL; hugs from Wryhorn).  Bones/AlexSilverStone are masterminds of this crew.  If you want a clan that has been trying to figure out what Wryhorn is saying in his videos for over a year — this is the place for you.  Here is Bones’ twitter –> https://twitter.com/bonesmalones2

  • #4 – NYZombie Sqaud (#PJQR2JJJ)

Led by “BK” this New York clan typically clashes 10v10 with TH6, 7, 8 clashers (although they have a TH10 and  TH9 in the arsenal).   Created 02/2015 and has a 9-1 record as of 03/27/15.  English speaking clashers are invited to join.

  • #5 – Phoenix Rising (#98COYY28)

The Phoenix posse is led by Lucian.  40+ members as of 03/31/15 with 56 wars won (level 3 clan perks).  Looking for TH7 (level 50) or higher.   Website is HERE.

  • #6 – BRCM (#JU9JCPY)

BRCM is led by HairPartyLama.  Supposedly they used to be wandering in darkness and then they found JTJU.  Sadly, they then “snatched the pebble” from Wryhorn’s hand,  and then soundly beat JTJ with it (LOL; rolled us on 04/10/15).   After the war, they joined as an affiliate.   They typically look to bring on TH7’s they say.  Nice website as well (packed w/ JTJU goodness) that you can see HERE.

  • #7 – Igneus (#8RQP8P2L)

Igneus’ co-leader acegfx drags his clansmen on a daily basis to the trough of JTJU goodness.   I think he is out of IL (based on his website).   So if you want in on the ground floor or are a cardinals/cubs fan this clan might be for you.

  • #8 – Grey House (#22RVYJQR)

Grey House came to JTJU via godfather (one of their co-leaders).  He described them as a small clan 25 accounts (not too worried about getting bigger), laid back (participate in cw if you wish, donate if you want, ask for reinforcement if you need, chat if you feel like, no punishment for doing otherwise), Russian speaking but English Saavy (most people are studying/living outside of Russia and speak English), stable(created probably one and half  year ago and the key team of around 10 players is still playing) clan with 90 wins in CW, mainly TH 8 and 9 but few at baby age of lvl 10.  They would like more JTJU saavy clashers.  So if that sounds like you — give them a ring.

  • #9 – Ragefinity (#8P289QL)

Per jaytizzle, one of their co-leaders, Ragefinity is a group of mostly IRL friends and long time clash clan mates.   Recently they have been pushing hard to get better in wars because losing sucks (agree w/ you there jaytizzle – LOL).  They have found that JTJU has been the best resource out there for them and want to take it a step further by joining up with the NATION as an affiliate clan.   Mostly they are pretty relaxed with 2 wars per week.  War efforts are strictly managed by co-leaders thru gchat. Anyone can opt out and enjoy farming and clan chat but we take our wars seriously.

  • #10 – East Side (#8GULGQY0)

Spawn Agetro is the leader at East Side.   They are from Australia so cool just comes w/ the territory — right?  LOL.

  • #11 – Cain’s Quest (#9LV9U8GC)

Cain’s Quest is skippered by Jason the Great.  Since they attest to ‘loving’ JTJU how can we not make them Affiliates!  LOL.  Pretty big clan (40+) as of 05/09/15 out of Canada and the US.    Better yet, don’t take my word for it, check out their facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/COCCQ!!!

  • #12 – PeaceActivist (#82Y2L8UV)

Per their co-leader pwnina, PeaceActivists are a US + Canada based clan of about 25 people (most of whom have a personal connection across the east/west coasts).  Some of our clashers are casual but we have a fair amount of people at the top of our clan that are BIG JTJU fans.  We’re a bunch of science geeks/profs/engineers/coders and have a solid appreciation for the attention to detail and analysis JTJU takes to the game. Definitely makes it more fun :).!!!

  • #13 – Bayside High (#8Q2CGYR)

When I asked dynamitechair (leader of Bayside) what brought them to the halls of JTJ, he settled back and spun this yarn:

Thirsting for knowledge beyond hogs/dragons, various members ventured into the deep dark woods of YouTube and brought what they found back to the clan for consumption.  This continued until Sir McKinley found JTJU and the search stopped (forever?).  Being a somewhat jokingly-themed clan with our own vernacular, we took to the slang of JTJU right away and started adding it to our own in wars. And now we won’t shut up about it.

Finally, someone gets me.  Figures that it would take took a clan based on a 80’s sitcom to do it.  LOL!  Check out their website here –> http://clanbayside.wordpress.com.

  • #15 – Leaveit2 Geezer (#PQGG8JVR)

When Necco, leader of Leaveit2 Geezer, approached Wryhorn on becoming a JTJU Affiliate he offered lap dances and dragon tears. LOL! I am curious on the dragon tears (still trying to figure that out) but definitely don’t need the lap dance. LOL. Kidding aside, right now Leaveit2 Geezer has reached level 3 as a clan (as of 06/04/15). Note they are ‘adult only’ (this may be due to lap dances). However, if you love JTJU and want to know what Dragon Tears are you might want to check them out.

  • #17 – Hell’s Angels (#YL02JYOJ) — added 06/10/15

So Hell’s Angels is a new clan (level 1) staring the right way — as an affiliate to JTJU.  Based in the US they seek mature players.  So if you enjoy silly putty and forking people’s yards  probably not the clan for you.  LOL.  CMJ is their leader and reached out w/ the app.  Check em out!

  • #18 – Band of Brother (#280GYJL0) — added 06/14/15

Band of Brother is a group of friends that were doing great until we all mostly hit TH9.  At that time, they tried to get over the learning curve by studying the videos on JTJU and applying the tactics associated.  On reading about the “One Tree” we realized it could help us progress even further so we are applying for JTJU Affiliate status.   [sounds good guys — welcome to the NATION.  -Wry]

  • #19 – Swift & Sure – (#99GQPQ2Q) — added 06/16/15Swift & Sure formed in Oct 2014 with the goal of becoming a small well ran community based clan.  This has been achieved but now the thrust for knowledge lead us to start looking for tutorials.  We sent our leaders far and wide, and I stumbled somehow on JTJ University, where I quickly started to watch the videos and was passing them back to the clan.  Our understand of the dragons and loons vastly improved and our red war log quickly became green.

The clan is lead by Tyke, but he prefers the title founder.  As the day to day running of the clan is spread amongst a team of 5, who create the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).  We talk in English, and the clan is international. [Welcome S&S!  -Wry]

  • #20 – RJ Rebel Regime – (#92CQVJLR) Added 06/19/15

We’re an international TH7-9 mature clan that wars twice a week.  We discovered JTJU back when we started having trouble with “ordinary” dragon attacks at TH8, and have followed JTJU “CW Tactics” vids in a religious manner since then … 🙂  We’re nursing a 22-war win streak (about to add number 23), due to more than a little bit to JTJU’s unknowing help!  We love the strategic mindset JTJU brings to the game — so after 23 wins in a row — we joined up formally!   [23 wins!   Impressive.   Welcome!  -Wry]

  • #21 – Flux Royals – (#PYP0QRJ2) Added 06/25/15

Here was the application snippet from their Co-Leader FireMelon –> “Small constantly warring clan. Only Butt-kickers are allowed here. XD.  War wins-7& counting. TH 5-9.
Chat maybe sometimes over 18 when Hale and Fire meet.”     [LOL, they lost me on the chat sentence but hey maybe they are creating their own code language!  Either way, Welcome to the JTJU Affiliate Posse!  -Wry]

  • #22 – Waldorfs Grotto – (#8PUCU2R2) Added 06/30/15

Per their co-leader SamuraijackDK –> “We are long time clashers here at Waldorfs Grotto, named after our grinding leader Lord Waldork…Waldorf (whoops — Freudian slip). Sadly, our long time clashing didn’t translate into war skills. Beating our plows into swords was harder than it sounded — shit we were horrible.   JTJU was the turning point for us. Now we have a balanced war parties based on th8-10s with greater skill due to the tutorials and lingo JTJU brings. Thank you very much Wryhorn!”   [Sounds like JTJ’s experience.  We were all farmers till CW came out.   Welcome Waldorf and crew!  -Wry]

  • #23 – Vivalicious – (#Y09GGQYU) Added 07/01/15

Per their leader, Anna — After watching and falling in love with the JTJU YouTube channel, I started my own clan to test my newfound skills. Feeling invincible, I invited players of all skill sets from Town Hall 6 and up to join as I built my clan. If becoming an affiliate of JTJU means that my members (and from our marketing other clashers)continue to get access to your amazing tutorials and war skills — count us in to help!  Founded 06/25/15, we hope to grow and learn as a team by utilizing JTU’s strategies to succeed.   [First off — great clan name.  So vibrant!  LOL.  And yes you are invincible — oh wait Supercell just updated — whoops — our secret sauce needs a refresh.   -Wry]

  • #24 – TickleFritz – (#2J9CL80P) Added 07/06/15

When I saw the beautiful InfoGraphic TickleFritz’s Blake (co-leader there) created on Reddit for TH8 Dragoon attacks based on our 105/813 details (link to it here –> http://tiny.cc/jtj-th8-drag-infog) — I was like WOW!.  Clearly these guys like what JTJU laid down (and added to it).  So I asked them to join as an affiliate.  They pondered for a bit and then agreed.   Welcome!

  • #25 – Umbra – (#2CQRVGUQ) Added 07/07/15

Per their leader, Char –> “JTJU and their vids have been instrumental in guiding us from a mostly TH7 and below to a full fledged lvl5 family/teaching clan that runs the spectrum from fledgling clashers to nearly maxxed th9s! Couldn’t have done it without Wry! 🙂  [High five back at you Char!  -Wry]

  • #26 – Banny Veniks – (#YUOROVO8) Added 07/08/15

Our Leader, Kitty B52, has been a long time JTJU subscriber/evangelist. In fact, she was limited to referencing Wryhorn 6 times a day in our war clan, Et Ultra. Kitty spent some time as Co-Leader in JTJ Nerds before starting up this new UK-based, GMT-active, training clan where EU Clashers can hang out and learn JTJ lingo, while waiting for a spot to open up in Et Ultra or JTJ’s main clan.  Our first war was a resounding 28-0 victory. Could it have been the reference to JTJU in our clan description that scared them away?!! [Yes, JTJU becomes the secret propaganda weapon!  You keep spreading the word Kitty — your Et Ultra war posse don’t know what they are missing.  LOL. -Wry]

  • #27 – Iced Reborn – (#8Y9YL0CP) Added 07/10/15

My clan is LvL 4 and we have good character. We are in the middle of rebuilding with lots of new, great members. To help our rebuilding go even further, I believe my clan becoming a JTJU affiliate would do the job right. So please accept us. You will not regret it! 🙂   [How can we not accept a clan rebuilding on the principles of JTJ?  Welcome! -Wry]

  • #28 – Night’s Watch – (#88229VR2) Added 07/17/15

We came to JTJU as the videos are top-notch and a wealth of knowledge. Each one is a needle in the haystack, and we truly appreciate Wryhorn’s time and effort.  Everyone in our clan is either in a U.S. Army Band, or is a friend or family member of a Bandsman. The clan is spread out from Japan and Korea to Hawai’i, Texas, and Virginia. We’ve had guys clash from India and I think Afghanistan, too. Because we are spread out and all know each other in real life, we have to basic rules. 1. Have fun. We all have to see each other after Clash is over. 2. KILL. 🙂  [Get on out to THE NATION Night’s Watch!  That’s were all the mind share is going on!  Oh, and welcome! -Wry]

  • #29 – Wildcards – (#8L920QUR) Added 08/05/15

Wildcards is a Lv5 (borderline lv6) clan led by the fearless KK. Most of of the members have battled alongside each other for a long time before settling in at Wildcards. As the TH’s got bigger and the enemy got stronger, KK set out to find something to help out with the Wildcards’ attacks….and just when they were needed, JTJU was found!!! It could be a ghetto GoWiPe on a TH9 or the enemy #1 getting OWNED by a #8, the Wildcards truly are Wild Cards…what you see isn’t always what you get!! Enemies, don’t turn your back on the comeback masters! PLAY FOR FUN, WAR TO WIN!!!   [Good to see KK signed up, warred with JTJ for a bit -Wry]

  • #30 – House STARK – (#288L8Q8V) Added 08/06/15

WINTER IS COMING. House STARK has been fighting the darkness for years, and is always striving to improve. One of the main tools House STARK has been using lately, is the JTJ University YouTube videos – and therefor we decided to apply for affiliate status with JTJU in August 2015. We emphasize loyalty, having fun and willingness to help each-other become better players.  [Glad to have you House of STARK, see you on the NATION -Wry]

  • #31 – Aussie Wootwoot – (#PC0VV2J0) Added 08/09/15

Est July 2015.  Active mature clan. Lively chit chat.  Run by 2 sisters who live on the coasts of Australia and are addicted to clashing.  Inspired by JTJU (youtube.com/jtjuniversity) where u come to get a little bit better at the game of clash of clans.  Wootwoot!  For The Win!  Spelli & 88.  [LOL.  These two sisters sound like a blast.   Welcome to JTJU and the Affiliate posse ladies.  -Wry

  • #33 – ILL MADE KNIGHT – (#88QQ8GJG) Added 08/15/15

Looking forward to learning from the JTJ Nation, helping our clan get a little bit better at Clash and giving back in whatever way we can. [Hey that’s the Sprirt! If everyone pitches in maybe I’ll figure out how to max my base — LOL. Welcome Knights! -Wry]

  • #34 – The Outlaws – (#PQL28UGJ) Added 08/17/15

We started up the outlaws in February of 2015, our first 10 wars were shaky as is expected with a bunch of new people just kind of thrown together, we went 7-3 though overall. Around the 11th war we really started implementing a lot of JTJU strategy and teaching it to our players as a staple. As of this writing, we are 57-6-4 and are riding a 30 war win streak thanks in large part to the work you guys put into helping others through strategies and expansive knowledge. We owe you guys for that and would be proud to be an affiliate. [Always good to hear success stories.  Glad its helping! -Wry]

  • #35 – MCBprime – (#YUVURR8L) Added 08/19/15

We are a teaching/family clan that is trying to get just a little bit better all the time. Our leader, HolleyWood, is a JTJU subscriber and graduate who constantly sends us to the JTJU You-Tube videos and blog for strategy and advice. We look forward to learning from the great clashers that make up JTJ and its feeders.  [How can we say no to an alumni?  Welcome back to the fold HolleyWood! -Wry]

  • #36 – shadowstalkers – (#GLYCVU2) Added 08/22/15

We’ve been using the JTJ University videos amongst our clan for a while. Thank you so much for your videos.   Recently joined JTJU Nation as well. Seeing the community first hand made our clan decide to make the move to join affiliates program and enjoy a bigger family.   We would also like to promote JTJ principals via our website shadowclan.net[Wow nice website!  Promote away.  And thanks for the high five.  See you on the NATION! -Wry

  • #37 – Cave Lupum – (#PGGUPR) Added 08/24/15

We are JTJ/JTJU fans and are always looking for ways to get a little bit better! [Ah, couldn’t of said it better myself.  LOL!  They also educated me that “Cave Lupum” means “Beware of the wolf” or ” Beware of the Wolf disguised as a lamb.”.   I assume you, Cave Lupum, are the wolves in this scenario.   LOL.   Either way, WELCOME! -Wry]

  • #38 – East Coast 845 – (#Y0L8GYVQ) Added 08/31/15

Per Smitty (co-leader) — I’ve been a member of the JTJU band since my clan began using band for communication. The stuff you guys do is great, lots of good tips and I always look to you guys for help. Our clan is new, just achieved level 4, and we are on a 12 war streak currently.   [Yes, JTJU NATION is powerful on BAND … we’ll try to keep the tips coming. -Wry]

  • #39- TRYHARD NATION – (#YUV92LUR) Added 09/01/15

Per tryhard01 (Leader) —  We are a new clan.  Just created when I found out about JTJU NATION (JTJU’s community on BAND) and became a big fan.  We are always looking for new ways to improve so it seemed like a great fit.   [O.k.  TRYHARD — get cracking.  All clans start small.  The great ones toil away and build their membership day by day (pruning, adding, pruning, adding).  You can do it!!! -Wry]

  • #40- Tamizhan Da!! – (#8UVLQJVY) Added 09/01/15

Good Morning JTJU NATION!  We have been following JTJU videos for some time.  In addition, as a clan, we are beginning to follow the excellent methodologies Wry uses in in running JTJ as we expect to make our clashing more effective.   [It’s a work in process Tamizhan but jump on the bus and we’ll work it out together.  Getting better at the “Clash” and the “Clan” parts of Clash of Clans.  -Wry]

  • #41- 5fngrDeathPUNCH – (#YUJR0G88) Added 09/07/15

Wow!!! What can I say. Brand new clan of friends that recently went on our own. We are all beginners looking to grow and learn. I can’t believe the information that I received from watching one video. Looking forward to being apart JTJU nation.   [Well welcome to you as well.  Good luck on growing your clan.  See you out on NATION.  -Wry]

  • #42- Larrys Avenge – (#P2GC2VR0) Added 09/08/15

Per their leader (Mike) –> I stumbled onto your website and JTJU channel one week ago and am loving everything about it and your clans attack styles. Wish I found this sooner in my CoC career. My clan, Larrys Avenge has a record of 59-19-6 and it was formed on 1/20/2015. We have a great war strategy, just our attacking styles can use some expanding. [O.k. Mike, and crew, come on aboard. Anybody that likes JTJU is a friend of ours! LOL. -Wry]

  • #43 – fasafiso – (#9JYPRV9C) Added 09/14/15

Old group, new clan. We wanted to make a fresh start so here we are. 25+ regular clashers looking for a professional assistance. Hope to be on the affiliates list soon…. [Well your request is granted (clearly) as you are reading this on the list.  Look forward to seeing you on NATION. -Wry]

  • #44 – OUR TOWN – (#GRPOUG) Added 09/21/15

We are OUR TOWN, a 1-1/2 year old clan looking to take our game to the next level. We haven’t kept complete records to know our losses but boast 132 wins in that time. Several of our members are groupies of JTJU/Wryhorn and we’d love to become an affiliate and have JTJU Masters join us to help us out in war. We are mostly adults and are a very active clan. Of late our war record losses are outnumbering wins & we want to turn that around.  [Groupies!  I have groupies!   Finally I am complete.  LOL.  Welcome to the NATION Our Town I think you’ll like it.. -Wry]

  • #45- True KiIIahs – (#2QCY9CRL) Added 09/26/15

Per their leader Nasty Killah –> this is a clan for minis/ alts.  Of course, any group of assassins needs a name you cant repeat so True Killahs has both L’s in Killah as i’s.  LOL.  Good luck finding that!   Anyway, he says “Bring your minis!  TH8 and below welcome to join for non-stop war. Most current members have main accounts in JTJ or an affiliate . So if people apply to your clan that are currently to small to war send them to us!!!  We will send em back when they are ready. C ya there.   [O.k.  So Nasty Killah is offering a TH6 and below training camp.  Nice!  Welcome to the party!. -Wry]

  • #46 – S.Y.G. – (#LLRRGVGU) Added 09/26/15

Per their leader, Executioner85 –> We are a new war clan inspired by the strategies JTJ and other affiliates are using. Most of us left a big clan to start doing our own thing. Looking to build a solid war clan thanks to all the info you guys provide. [Excellent, many of the JTJU NATION are lean and mean so fear not it can work and you will grow. -Wry]

  • #47 – Remote Survival – (#9VV99ULQ) Added 10/05/15

Per Mike, one of their members –> Been chatting to the guys at RS and we are keen on becoming affiliates. Much of our war attack methodology has been developed from JTJ instructional videos.   We have a youtube channel with a lot of our better attacks (website here) which are reflective of this.  We are keen for ‘trench’ to drop by anytime for a chinwag :). [Ah, we’ll if you are open to Trench coming for a visit (JTJU’s embedded TH5 war correspondent) then how can we say no?  LOL.  Leave the light on — Trench will by soon.  Oh and welcome to the NATION. -Wry]

  • #48 – Death Star – (#YL8Q22JO) Added 10/20/15

Per their leader Gamer Girl –> Looking to build a solid war clan (empire) thanks to all the info you guys provide.  We are all beginners looking to grow and learn. While we are new, inspired by the strategies JTJ and other affiliates are using, we think we will in short order conquer the known universe. Looking forward to a long lasting relationship with JTJ [Welcome Gamer Girl, have to admit the description tag for JTJU got a chuckle out of me.  10,000 points for you. -Wry]

  • #49 – Armenia China – (#9P8VOR2Y) Added 10/21/15

Per their co-leader “Kodak” –> We are a family clan – my TH7 daughter took out a TH8 last war with a 104 dragloon.  DO appreciate the work done by JTJU with their videos so must help all clashers – get a little bit better!!!!  [Welcome Kodak and the Armenia China posse!  JTJ is a family clan as well so I get where you are coming from (my 3 boys got me hooked).  Look forward to seeing you on the NATION. -Wry]

  • #50 – HallsOfTriumph™ – (#92CVVGCQ) Added 10/28/15

Per their leader “Prime Epoch” –> I’ve always wanted to lead a group of clashers to victory, so after learning a load from the JTJ family, I finally decided to make my own clan. I love the JTJ attack styles, so I was gonna make my clan watch them regardless. In being a JTJ affiliate, I can stay in the JTJ family at the same time as leading, which is awesome! Will spread the JTJ style (cause we all know that JTJ has a lot of style) so that those stars are high!!  [O.k. Prime — don’t let us down!   LOL. -Wry]

  • #51 – Short Circuit – (#2L9PGQP9) Added 11/04/15

per J5 –> I d/l’ed this game approx. one year ago at same time as my co leader Psyko.  I have managed to get 101 WAR wins in clan over past 10months since I founded it.  I am striving to become better at all times.  I have a “group” page setup for clanmates to share pics, strats, videos, etc.  I am finding that yours are the most well explained detailed ones out there yet!  I would do whatever it takes to qualify to join the Affiliate ranks!  100% fair play committed! [J5 I think they have another word for ‘detailed’ — its called anal.  LOL.   Thanks for the high five and welcome to the NATION! -Wry]

  • #52 – Finnalu – (#P989RCCP) Added 11/07/15

per Deval –> We are a small, laid back clan that loves to war. We consist mainly of adults who are addicted to CoC and strive to continually improve our skills. When in search of war tactics I always tell my members to check out Jtj and the information provided has never let us down. It’d be an honor to finally be part of this amazing family.  Website: http://www.finnalu.blogspot.com [Deval, what makes the NATION amazing is the NATION and now you are a part of it.  Welcome! -Wry]

  • #53 – Unlingen – (#80J9UCPR) Added 11/09/15

per their leader +-N04H-+ –> We want to be JTJU Affiliates!!! [Well I’ll give you credit for knowing what you want and not beating around the bush. Welcome! -Wry]

  • #54 – Marian’s – (#YYVCCVQY) Added 11/10/15

per their pal, who is in JTJ Main, Mohamed!Imran –> Hey Wry!  My pals want to become affiliates to JTJU.  I have been telling them of all the goodness it brings.  [Well I can’t comment on ‘goodness’ but we are making a effort.   Welcome Marian’s … and feel free to speak for yourselves on NATION (LOL). -Wry]

  • #55 – Bad@ssery – (#9PP280JR) Added 11/14/15

per their leader, Daehtop –> I wanted to say we love the site. Our clans about a year old and from day one we decided we wanted to something more than just the half active clan who hands over Co for 300 donations and lose wars because 1/2 the members can’t find 6 minutes in a 24hr period to make 2 attacks. Your site (along with OneHive and BRCM) have been our main training tools for new members and old.  It must be working cause we all seem to suck a little less. Your right, smashing helpless clans gets old. We take way more satisfaction in winning by a th9,10 chess match at the end. Anyways, we would love to be an affiliate and direct our battered victims your way. Also super stoked to check out an up to date one tree! Cheers. [Hey if you reference the hidden jewel BRCM in your comments how can I not add you.  Welcome! -Wry]

  • #56 – Black Chamber – (#L8G89YJJ) Added 11/20/15

per their leader, Thrawn –> We’re a small clan based out of the U.S.A. We have all become better players due to the hard work that JTJU puts into producing  quality videos. We’re proud to be affiliates and hope that we can help spread the word about JTJU. Keep up the great work. [Thanks Thrawn!  Glad its helping.  Look forward to seeing you out on NATION and, if you are brave, superSUNDAY! -Wry]

  • #57 – Alioply – (#LLOUJRVY) Added 11/23/15

per their leader, Chief Zoraton –> I was apart of the war clan Vivalicous for 2 months and was inspired to become part of the NATION and start up a strict war clan named Alioply. I hope to be accepted and become part of the family. [Well if you are a prodigy of the Viva posse you can’t be too bad!  LOL.  Welcome to the NATION. -Wry]

  • #58 – Affliction – (#YC9V9VG8) Added 11/26/15

per their co-leader (and JTJU Alumni) KillerKool –> Hey Wryhorn! I left Vivalicious and I restarted my old war clan. We are 11-1 now and would like to become an official JTJ affiliate. [11-1 .. not bad.  Glad you saw the value in JTJU’s mission to the point of ‘rejoining’! LOL. Welcome back!!!  Or did you ever leave?  LOL. -Wry]

  • #59 – Angels Fortress – (#9P9QRCVG) Added 11/27/15

per their co-leader MiCHiKo –> I was once a member of vivalicious and aussie woot woot using my alt account. That’s what pushes me to become an affiliate with you. I really enjoy to be in JTJ family.  As a Filipino clan founded last January 09, 2015 by two sisters. We want to become the very first Filipino affiliate of JTJU. [Hey thats great — always existed to have more sister tag teams.  Aussie Woot Woot and now Angels Fortress!  Welcome to NATION!  -Wry]

  • #60 – Paws of Doom – (#9URJYGGL) Added 12/5/15

per their co-leader Rancho-Dude –> Looking to help you guys fine-tune your decision tree a bit and perhaps help shoot some updated videos — especially since things have changed a bit since the July update and some of the JTJ videos might need a refresh. [Hey thats great — Affiliates are welcome to suggest changes to the OneTree (via NATION and/or via comments in the OneTree itself).  And there are always videos to be done — that is a certainty.  WELCOM  -Wry]

  • #61 – Mac Stout – (#2LV8CVU8) Added 12/16/15

per their co-leader, Wicked –> We, Mac Stout, a dutch clan, wish to join the ranks. We are an active clan, but would like to get better and grow. Most of us play the game because we like it and because of the social contacts.  JTJ already gave us so much info through the site and also the you tube channel. So now we think it’s time to do something back for JTJU.  [Excellent, our first dutch clan!  High five!  Glad the materials are helping you (or have in the past).  I keep poking at it as I have time.  Welcome to the NATION!!!  -Wry]

  • #62 – COC HITMEN00 – (#8RJRGCQY) Added 12/16/15

per their co-leader Diggs (in disguise) –> Shortly after clan wars started, I joined JTJ. I liked how organized it was and the clan environment. It was all about getting just a little bit better at the game of clash of clans.  JTJ only allows each clasher to have one account in the main clan so I hit global search and found the clan COC hitmen00 for my second account. It reminded me of the early days of JTJ with needing help with the little things that change two star attacks into 3 star attacks. Over the last year I have directed clan members to watch attack videos on YouTube from JTJU. We have always accepted the teaching JTJU but wanted to add a little more excitement to the clan by being a JTJ affiliate clan. JTJU nation on band is a 24/7 wealth of information from people willing to help plan out attacks as well as finding new base designs. To add more excitement, we want to be part of super Sunday’s and stream attacks on you tube. We are very happy to be an official affiliate clan of JTJ. [Welcome hitmen00!  You also win the title of longest application message.  LOL!  I love it.  Glad to have you on board.  -Wry]

  • #63 – Black Phoenix – (#Y2LUCGG) Added 12/17/15

per their co-leader wollywashigton –> Your videos and blog posts have been tremendously helpful for me and now it’s time to share them with my clan and those we face in war!  Thank you for providing such an informative and concise way to represent all of the hidden nuances of this great game. [Wolly if Black Phoenix loves the JTJ system — then HIGH FIVE!   We need more sane clans in the world (that actually speak an attack language that makes sense LOL!).  Welcome to the NATION!  -Wry]

  • #64 – Ad Ludum – (#Q8OCUOV8) Added 01/06/16

Lead by former JTJ affiliate elder Jim-Bob; we are the based youth sister clan of Et Ultra and Banny Veniks!  We welcome younger clashers and help them improve their warring abilities 🙂 We like to think of ourselves as a clashing gladiator school hence the name which means “To the games”. [Ah the next generation of clashers!  Rise up my friends and join the NATION. -Wry]

  • #65 – 1305 – (#GLJ9YLU) Added 01/10/16

Per their co-leader, Kurtis –> “I’ve learned a bunch from your amazing videos and have posted the JTJU link on our clan description in order to get One tree beta access. Our region is international and we currently have 32 members.” [Kurtis, anyone that uses the word ‘amazin’ when describing my videos gets an auto bid to the NATION — LOL.   Glad to see you are interested in the One Tree.  Getting ready (slowly) to revise it to a more ‘attribute based’ first step process.  You’ll see when/if I get to it (RanchoDude is pushing me along)  -Wry]

  • #66 – TMK – (#L9OUJVR2) Added 01/15/16

Per their leader, KMoney–> “We have a former JTJ member in our clan named Sailor Jerry [primary connection].   Then, after joining two level 6 clans together four months ago, we have been on a 17 war win streak!!!  Please give us the opportunity to become more involved in the JTJ nation!.” [So that is where Sailor Jerry went — LOL.  Glad he found a home.  KMoney consider yourself invited to the party.  I expect to see TMZ on superSUNDAY! -Wry]

  • #67 – Quantum SU – (#8Y9RQVUO) Added 01/19/16

“I’m Vaik, the leader of Quantum SU, a strong clan from Suriname, and I would proudly like to join the NATION to grow and get even stronger together!!” [First off its cool you are from Suriname (had to look it up!).  So high five on that and nice wars won (163).  Small country, about the size of Michigan, but BIG record!  Keep it up. -Wry]

  • #68 – WarSmiths – (#9RRL8GVR) Added 01/23/16

Per their leader, Harry –> “Not started up a website yet. Planning on it when we are a bigger clan. I’ve loved the nation for a long time and I have a lot of experience. Finnalu’ second account has helped me accomplish how far I am” [Always glad to see one Affiliate (Finnalu) helping a new clan get up and running in the JTJU Nation.  Welcome! -Wry]

  • #69 – TheBeerBums- (#YLVGPU9J) Added 01/26/16

Per their leader, Willie –> “I’m far from the best player.  I’m only th8 and just finally getting my troops up to high enough levels where I can start using attacks other than dragons. I watch  your videos, a lot, and I think its helping me.  So if you don’t mind a bad clan affiliated with you,  we would be a perfect clan to show how fast a clan can be turned around.   Website — http://www.thebeerbums.com[Well if you had to be the best player we would all have to quit.  At least I would.  Glad to hear the vids help.  Some are more relevant (less dated than others) so watch for that. -Wry]

  • #70- DirtyMOB- (#228g8ur9) Added 01/30/16

Per their co-leader, Babyblue –> ” Hello. My name is Babyblue and I have been in JTJ2 before. I come from a clan called DirtyMOB. #228G8UR9.  We decided becoming a JTJ clan affiliate would be the best for us!” [BabyBlue!  I remember you (and can still rhyme without meaning to i seems – LOL).  Welcome to the NATION! -Wry]

  • #72 – H.I.V.E. – (#2V9LCOQV) Added 02/29/16

Led by MotherofDragons, former Leader of JTJ Affiliate Phoenix Rising who also has an alt in JTJ4 (Khaleesi).

  • #73 – Et Ultra – (#8PR8GUYY) Added 03/30/16

Our leader is Catan Alba, meaning Scottish kitten, and some of you may have met her before she grew up. Et Ultra was started on March 2, 2015 and what better way to celebrate its birthday than to join the JTJ fold? Et Ultra was the original clan in the Forum Britannicum, although our sister clans, Ad Ludum and Banny Veniks made their way to JTJ first.

  • #74 – MINI WAR – (#9JPPPUQJ) Added 06/08/16

Per their leader Rockdel –> We are a hardcore war clan, keep things simple, have fun, and always clean bases. We war back to back, help each other improve and have a very strong core of around 35-40 at any time. A clan that encourages everyone to upgrade heroes so understand you will be opted out at times. If you are looking for a truly international clan, 24 hours a day clashing, look no further..[Well Rockdel – Welcome to the affiliate nation! -RunBuck]

  • #75 – Penn Islands – (#POGCCGLQ) Added 06/08/16

Per their co-leader Bawss — I am not sure what a JTJ affiliate is but I found you about a year ago when I started at TH8 and learned all of the TH8 attacks and rules. I then proceeded to make everyone in the clan watch your stuff. Now that I am back in wars (we have rules where unless we have a maxed attack strategy, we aren’t allowed in wars.), I went on JTJ’s official “RunBuck On Games” channel to start researching how to best help our clan. Anyway, we are “Penn Islands” and we owe most of our war record to you. Let me know what I need to do to help make everyone “just a little better.” Take care and have a great day![LOL! Gotta love you signing up for affiliate with no fear! Welcome aboard! -RunBuck]

  • #76 – Nirvana – (#LJCL080Y) Added 06/08/16

Per their leader Aakash –> We are a clan of Medical school Students who have a good passion for warring in clash of clans. I came across your videos on YouTube (RunBuck On Games) and great work guys!! We would like to take our game to the next level and at the same time be willing to contribute the best we can back to the JTJ Affiliate fraternity. Given that we want to be an affiliate with you guys and definitely look forward to helping in Gratitude [Well if you are medical students I hope your dexterity is not an issue. LOL! JK JK. Welcome aboard. -RunBuck]


    • DigitalDeathSqd (#8vllrl8u)
    • RiseToValhalla (#9JGPYP8P) — Absorbed by NY Zombie Squad
    • #14 – No Rushed Bases (#98J2YCLC)
    • #32 – Island Life – (#PCCY0Q2R) Added 08/13/15
    • #16 – Lawful Outlaws (#8YGUG8C)
    • #48 – OMGU8MyCookie – (#Y8UG2C8Y) Added 10/07/15 — took over jtj4
    • #71 – PhoenixRising – (#PPVVUGU) Merged with new JTJ Affiliate H.I.V.E.


7 thoughts on “JTJ Affiliates”

  1. Hi, will I be able to join JTJ as an observer to see how you guys conduct your wars? I’m a mid/late TH8 interested how you guys decide your holds and so on. I wont be able to qualify as a normal member as I generally prefer to upgrade my farming troops (barch and at TH9 maybe gibarch) first before the war troops and also I plan to go to TH9 w/o maxing my offense (defenses maxed) to start upgrading my archer queen and barb king (those 2 takes ages to upgrade).


  2. Sorry, we usually are using slots to process people that are applying to JTJ. You could try applying to JTJ3 direct. I think right now they are taking people without the application process. They run similar to us in war.


  3. Just got matched up against badassery and if u call engineered clans fair play I guess our opinions on FP are different. They don’t want a chess match of th9/10s like the leader said on his application they want an easy war. The leader has a basicall defenseless th11 in there 17th out of 20 spots a th10 in the 18th spot.


    1. Jeff, yeah thats what I don’t like about .5 bases that are assembled w/ a goal of mismatching in random war spins. Legal? Yes. Fair? No. So if that is what they are doing … hopefully the rules shift because its not healthy for the long term of the game IMHO.


      1. Hopefully they will fix match making so that it tries to find a match that considers both offense and defense. I would love to see match ups with a similar number of engineered bases. It is a great freedom to have such a wide variety of build strategies. Unfortunately the weakness in matchmaking is being abused.


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