Apply to the JTJ Family

JTJ is actively recruiting talented clashers from TH7s to max th11s.

We are a fair play, war focused clan family with 4 clans and over 50 affiliates. We are constantly seeking to find new 3 star strategies and develop our players into the very best they can be by continuously improving and getting just a little bit better at the game of Clash of Clans.

While we have clashers in all leagues including Titan, we aren’t not trophy pushers. We are a war clan, and take war seriously. Our current schedule is for war search to commence on Monday 5PM, Wednesday 7PM, and Friday 9PM (all times US Central).

The JTJ Family

Here’s a quick run down of the JTJ family:

JTJ (#2R9RCV9V) – Our original and most successful clan where the best of the best, and most seriously dedicated war clashers reside. JTJ is currently a Level 9 clan and will be a Level 10 clan by the end of March. As of March 15th, our record is 229-20-1.

JTJ2(#PQP2GR9C) – JTJ2 is the 2nd clan that is part of the JTJ family. They are currently a Level 9 clan with a very successful war record.

JTJ3(#Y2VCPRJQ) – JTJ3 is, you guessed it, the third member of the JTJ family. They have a solid track record in war and are currently a Level 8 clan with a lot of great talent.

JTJ4(#LRUYV9QU) – JTJ4 is the newest member of the family and quickly achieved Level 5 status. They have a solid group of members that win way more often than they lose. Additionally, JTJ4 serves as the “tryout clan” for the Main where we place clashers for 2 to 3 wars to see if they have what it takes to go straight to the Main or if they should spend time and develop in JTJ2, JTJ3, or JTJ4.

Also, please understand that while we use a numbering system for all of our clans other than the Main, each of those clans (JTJ2/3/4) are equally important and that their number designation only suggests when they were formed and not any type of hierarchy.

What We Offer

So, why should you join JTJ. Besides being one of the most successful family of war clans in Clash of Clans, here’s just a few of the reasons why we’re so successful and develop great players in a fun, positive environment:

  • Dojo: Our vets are running training programs to develop newer players and teach the latest 3 star strategies. Currently we are running this program for th9, but looking to extend this to all TH levels
  • One Tree (beta): A great document that helps our players to analyze a base and find the right attack strategy for it
  • JTJ Nation: Band is our main interclan, Dojo and war communication tool. With access to the knowledge and troops of all family clans, you get access to the latest news, help on attack plans and much more. Click Here to Join JTJ Nation on Band Now
  • Player Stats: We run seasons of 8 weeks and produce statistics for every player. Great tool to see how you progress in relation to your peers
  • Our YouTube Channel (RunBuck On Games): We have tons of JTJ clash footage on YouTube — strategies, great attacks, strategy breakdown of successful attacks and war recaps.  If you always wanted to see your attack on YouTube, just do a great attack and you are likely to be reviewed in a war recap or even get your own featured and commented video by our founder RunBuck.
  • Community: We have a great community of hundreds of players that have the same focus as you: great wars with solid 3 star attacks, willing to help each other, laugh with each other and do some nerd talk

These are just some of our key offerings. There is much more to discover.

What We Are Looking For

In general, JTJ might be the right clan for you if:

  • You are a war focused clasher from th7 (limited) to th11
  • You are committed to fair play
  • You are a consistent 3 star attacker (2 star for th11)
  • You want to be part of a successful clan where you can have fun amongst other high quality player
  • You want to become a successful attacker and want to be part of a clan family that offers you the accelerated development path to become that hard hitter

If that describes you, read on.

Join JTJ

To be part of the JTJ family, here’s what you should do now:

  1. Visit our requirements page and see which of our clans you are currently eligible to join. Each clan has its own requirements, as specified on that page.
  2. Right now, we are accepting in-game applications. So find us in CoC and request to join. When making that request, let us know that you’ve been to the website and are interested in applying. If you just use the default message, you’ll likely be declined.
  3. If you would like to join JTJ (the Main), and you meet our minimum requirements, we will ask to see 2 or 3 replays from multi-player using war style attacks. Based upon what we see (and our current war roster) we will either offer you a tryout in the main or ask you to go to JTJ4 for 2 or 3 wars where we can evaluate you further. If you aren’t quite ready for the Main, we’ll give you constructive feedback and invite you to join JTJ2/3/4 where you can develop your skills further.
  4. If you would like to join JTJ2/3/4, again just apply in-game and let us know you are coming from the website and interested in applying. If for some reason the clan you apply at is not accepting new members they will assist you in joining another clan in the family

Thanks for your interest in JTJ and we hope to have you as part of the Nation.


44 thoughts on “Apply to the JTJ Family”

  1. Is putting the link in the clan description all you need to do to become an affiliate? I am in the JTJ BAND, and have seen that many players are affiliates. Do you (Wry) need to confirm it?


    1. Yes you apply on this page (or email me at jtjclan @ and we’ll confirm the tag and then send you the affiliate package (+ add you to list and announce it on band)


      1. I accidentally posted my farming base, and not my war base. Is there a way to attach a new photo to an already submitted app? The submission was for Tokin’WhiteDude


  2. Just posted app for “ADAM”. Thought I would throw it out there that I have a TH6.5 (that just looks funny) that I use to scout if interested in having another TH7 join too.


  3. Hope u sucessfully pass on my appliaction may be some mistakes are there because I m not at home and my phone is hanging so if u saw any thing missing plz contact my email( awsm work on youtube


  4. I will be applying for JTJ4 later today. I love war and more importantly I love clash of clans. The username is Lizzeh and I hope I’ll be able to join the JTJ family.


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