Base Design – Key Concepts By TH

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Base Design for clan wars is not as easy as some would imply.  In the past (2014) I used to take awesome bases from a clan war that stymied us and then tweak it for any final issues I saw.  You can see videos of that here.


That said, the game’s meta is always tweaking and 2015 is the year of the LavaLoon based attacks so TH9 and TH10 need to be rethought (as of 04/11/15 I am saying that).   However, right now here would be things I would want to see in a base design for clan wars by TH level.

  • All TH Levels

    • Internet Bad.  Don’t use bases from the internet.  Most have ‘how to three star’ XYZ videos readily available to someone with basic search skills.
  • TH10

    • Defensive Sacrifice.  There seems to be a trend to place a few defensive buildings outside of walls on flanks of where people want to attack.  Where is that?  Usually they are trying to attack the Q side so start there.
    • Mid CC/Q.  Many bases are shifting to having CC and Q buried with TH offset.  Goal of protecting Q and making CC hard to trigger.
  • TH9

    • Mid CC/Q.  Many bases at TH9/10 are shifting to having CC and Q buried with TH offset.  Goal of protecting Q and making CC hard to trigger.  This is in response to Lava Loon.
    • Speed Bumps for Q/Teslas.  At TH9 you stop protecting ADs with your speed bumps (Dragons move out of fashion).  Instead, you shift your speed bumps to protecting your buried Q from 270 degrees of attack as many of the Lava Loon attacks rely on taking out your Q and 2 ADs with just the KHC team (King Henry and his Court).  This can be foiled if there are 2+ speed bumps on the attack line to the Q (as the Q gets hung up on the storages and the 2 golems die waiting.  Example attack you are defending against is KHC2, Tri Lava Loon.   It uses the KHC2 (King, Queen, 2 Golems, 4 Wizards, 3 wall breakers, and Lightning/Jump spells) to just get the Q and 2 ADs down.  You want to deny them the trifecta (hold to just Q and AD).
    • Wide Outer Boxes.  Wide outer boxes (i.e. 10+ tiles wide) on attack lines to the Q are good as the KHC2 team mentioned above will make it hard for the attacker to control the KHC group.
    • Isolate/Seperate Your ADs.  Since Lava Loon relies on getting down your Q and 1-2 ADs try not to have two ADs exposed to a KHC2 kill team (see above).
    • Double Giant Bomb (DGB) Buried/Pathed.  This is still key @ TH9 (see TH8 for more discussion).  Now you have two DGB spots to setup (4 giant bombs in total).  Key because the two main attacks at TH9 are KHC2 Tri Lava Loon and KHC2 Ho.
  • TH8

    • TH Center.  CC Exposed.  You don’t have enough stuff to make CC impossible to trigger — so don’t try.  Get TH in the middle and worry less about CC placement to protect it and more about CC placement to use it as a speed bump (high health building slowing down Dragons and/or Pekkas).
    • Double Giant Bomb (DGB) Buried/Pathed.  You should have your DGB buried and pathed such that hogs run through both GB at the same time regardless of where they originate.  This usually means non-defensive buildings are on the sides of the DGB channel (and/or 2 tile gaps).  Would look something like this (B=bomb, D=defense building, N=non-defense building, yellow arrow=channel):
      • dgb
    • Giant Bomb Buried/Pathed.  You should have the giant bomb single (you get three) also buried.
    • Teslas Isolated.  Have the teslas isolated into separate compartments (Symmetrical usually)
    • Wizard Towers Front/Side ADs.  Have wizard towards in front of or next to ADs so that ADs kill loon attacks they weaken.
    • Pathed Springs.  Understand how hogs will flow through your base and insure all springs would trigger in the mid ideally.
    • K By AD.  The K is a great distract for Dragons as they chase him.  Place him near one of your ADs.
    • Speed Bumps for AD/Teslas.  Your high health buildings (Gold Storage, Exilir Storage, Dark Exilir Storage, CC maybe) should be used as speed bumps in front of likely attack lines on your ADs.  So you want them in the range of the AD so an attacking dragon would be under fire while attempting to burn through the building.  Same concept when used to speed bump a Pekka (protect Tesla).  Double bonus when your buildings do both.  LOL.
    • Skeletons.  When you have AD665 or less I would have skeletons to air next to wizard towers.   When you have AD666, I would have skeletons to grounds on the side of the base AWAY from the vector they will pull the CC from and/or where the king is.  What you want is to have the skeletons trigger late as ground (hog) attacks pour into the base.  Most attackers will avoid air attacks if you have AD666 with good AS and base setup.
  • TH7
    • TH Buffer, 2 Sides.  You don’t have enough stuff to defend here but bases that do ‘ok’ tend to create two main compartments with the TH as the firewall (with speed bumps) between the two.  In this way attacks from either side get to the mid-line but stall out.

I’ll update this as I have more insights.


15 thoughts on “Base Design – Key Concepts By TH”

  1. Hello,
    I am TH8 and I applied most of your advices to my base.
    I have, however, a question about the “Teslas Isolated” point.
    Could you please explain the logic behind it ?

    I have a base with an outer ring of defenses, a mid ring of speed bump buildings and a center with my 3AD and my 3 teslas (plus my TH of course and some traps).
    I have found that the firepower of the 3 tesla combined are as effective as a 4th AD. Morover the 3 teslas (with some empty space around them) are faking multiples buried DGB spots in the center of my base.

    I have found this use of the tesla quite effective, so I wondered why you advised to have them isolated ?

    Thank you

    Ryson from Pepperstorm

    NB: I am a fan of JTJU Youtube channel, please continue to give us such awesome material 🙂


    1. Hey, we go isolated as if the enemy senses you have all your tesla in mid they will power in and Rage kill them. Teslas isolated/compartmentalized bleed down the pekka’s (their job) better over time. That said, I have noticed 2 teslas flanking the AS as a setup worthy of thinking about.


  2. about the DGB in th8, you said “This usually means non-defensive buildings are on the sides of the DGB channel (and/or 2 tile gaps).”. is it an error or it is correct?


  3. It’s great how you describe the concepts behind base design rather than just throwing up examples. Is anyone aware of any similar resources on the web for design of non-war bases?

    Thanks for sharing the results of your hard work with us


  4. I çan not express how much of this site if not all I am in love with! The systems you use as a clan leader have me so excited again! They say imitation is the best form of flattery, with that said could I have permission to imitate your clan while linking to your JTJU material please? Thanks for making the JTJU material!


      1. Already did yesterday! Been worried I didn’t “sell” our clan enough since though haha. (I’d really love to have access to tree updates). Found your stuff last week and am slowly introducing clan to the JTJU systems! I’m glad you don’t mind me emulating as I believe in the system so much that I was concerned of ruffling feathers due to plagiarism, -_-. Clash on JTJ NATION and may your CC’s b full of loot!


  5. What do you mean by “I would have skeletons on the side of the base”? I don’t see why triggering late is something bad for the attacker.


    1. In TH8, pre-poison, it mattered more. You wanted to trigger skeletons early so your outer team (non-hog) could clear skeletons. Now, with poison, it is less of an issue.


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