w.TDCK, KH1, Ho Pincer


Editors Note:  Don’t get our slang?  Check out our dictionary HERE.


A complex attack, depending on several sequenced events to systematically exploit a weakness in the design of some bases, when it’s well executed and aimed at the proper base it is extremely high-powered. In essence, the base depends on a dense ring of defenses around a relatively soft core, such that the DGB threats within the defense ring (commonly called a hog ring) can be eliminated during some shaping sequences, and the hogrider main attack can be dropped such that the hogs all path together through the core. This is an attack that may take some practice, and if you don’t understand the concept of the pincer movement (illustrated below), then you are unlikely to succeed. While there is a high level of difficulty in the attack, those who use it will also be preparing themselves for TH9 and up, where sequencing becomes more important than it is at TH8.


Phases Troops Phase Total Army Total Spells
w.TDCK — CC Trigger, Draw, Clump (optional), & Kill Trigger — 4 hogriders 20 20
Draw Kill — 3 archers, 3 barbarians, 3 wizards, 2 witches 15 plus CC21 37 + CC
KH1 — Shaping attack 1 golem, Barb King, 2 wizards 38 75 + CC
Ho — Main Attack 25 hogriders 125 200 + CC 3 Heals


  • JTJ Name: w.TDCK, KH1, Ho Pincer
  • JTJ Name Breakdown: KH1 tells you there will be a golem accompanying the Barb King and accompanying units during that phase of the attack. The “w” in w.TDCK refers to foundation of the CC kill method (2 witches in cc). From there you Trigger (usually hogs), then Draw (usually 1 arch), then Clump the CC together (optional), then Kill via deploying 1st a shield (2-3 barbs), then your CC21 – 2 witches, then flank that mass with 2-3 wizards and/or 2 archers to complete the kill. Ho Pincer indicates that we will be using hogs in the main attack, and that we will take advantage of vulnerabilities in the base’s hog-ring to make the hogs path towards each other, then run through the core.
  • Alias(es): This is where the Tomato/Tomoto comes from. People call things different things as language and slang evolves. Here are some known alias(es) that people might use in talking about this attack: GoHo, Hog, Hog21Go Pincer (old JTJ name), Hog21 Pincer (old JTJ name), k1323, kh1, ho and cc21, kh1, ho (most recent JTJ names).


  • TH LEVEL(S): Mid to higher level TH8
  • TROOP LEVEL(S): While this depends to some extent on the level base you are attacking, you generally will need – hogriders (4), barbarian king (5+), wizards (5), heals (5)


JTJ is working on a decision tree of base attributes that leads you to the ‘recommended’ attack for that type of base. You can read about it more HERE. Summarized below is the logic (base attributes) that lead to using this type of attack.

  • Base level — TH8
  • Tree Logic (Raw Form) — NOT AD665 or Lower>Hog Friendly—AND—Not Wall Weak>NOT defenses are outside the walls>Moat and/or non-defense ring> w.TDCK, KH1, Ho Pincer
  • Tree Logic (explained)
    • NOT AD665 or Lower (our standard decision point for deciding whether or not to favor a dragon attack for the base. If it’s lower, we will favor dragons, otherwise, we look to other options);
    • Hog Friendly—AND—Not Wall Weak (a hog friendly base will have DGB threat spaces that can be defused or have pathing completely broken during the shaping attacks, it will have several “hog runs,” which are strings of defenses placed either directly adjacent, separated only by a wall, or otherwise with minimal traps, and it will not have lots of broad, open areas making it difficult to account for tesla or bomb placements//Not Wall Weak indicates strictly either
    • NOT defenses are outside the walls (this criteria is meant to check first to see if the base can be attacked with the Ho1323, KH2, Ho Walkabout);
    • Moat and/or non-defense ring (this is critical – this attack works well vs. bases that use a single hog ring for the majority of the defenses, leaving only a few in the core, and where the DGB threats in the ring are defusable by the CC draw/kill and shaping attacks. This very often occurs in a moated base – but most importantly there must be a ring of defenses so that hog pathing can be manipulated)



attack plan

In the graphic above, note how the red groups start apart, then come together, then route through the core. This is the “pinch,” or “pincer.”


  • 29 Hogriders (level 4, unless defenses are VERY weak)
  • 1 golem
  • 5 wizards (level 5)
  • 3 archers
  • 3 barbarians
  • 3 heals (level 5)


  1. Drop 4 (potentially more) hogs in a place where they will both draw the CC troops, and destroy a defense that breaks the hog ring in a spot you want. This will be one of your “cuts” for the pincer.
  2. Identify a second (or more) GB threats in the ring, and draw the CC troops there using an archer. Destroy them with your 1323.
  3. As the enemy CC troops are dying, drop your golem and whichever support troops you want to accompany him at the point in the hog ring that you want to attack next. This second attack can either perform the other “cut” for you hog pincer (in the pictured base the ring is already broken, so the troops were used to defuse GB spaces at 6), or it may serve another purpose (like eliminating GB locations).
  4. Identify your 2 release points for hogs. Remember, in the pincer they are supposed to hit the ring on opposite sides of the base and path towards each other. When they meet, there is nowhere left for them to go but the core. Release the hogs, dropping a hog first if you need to clear the drop zone.
  5. As your hogs converge on a point in the ring, their path through the core and out the other side should be predictable, and this is where you will use your heals. Think of 2 in the core, and one to help them finish any defenses on the far side.



  • None – it’s a JTJ original

7 thoughts on “w.TDCK, KH1, Ho Pincer”

    1. Fee free to stop by and we can take a look at if you are properly levelled — you can see what we look for at jtjclan.com / clan wars / upgrade path. In short, we don’t like rushed bases or TH8.5.


  1. Thanks for the detailed guide on the attack style. I am a nearly maxed th8 (only walls and 6 things of research to go) I only have practiced GoWiPe, GoWiVa and mass dragon at the start of th8. Your other hog strategies and this are really helping me in clan wars with alternative attack formations. Much appreciated.


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