w.TDCK, KH2 Fork, Ho

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Editors Note:  Don’t get our slang?  Check out our dictionary HERE.


A complex attack, depending on several sequenced events for success, the w.TDCK, KH2 Fork, Ho (“Fork” for brevity here) is nonetheless an attack that is overpowered against the right base, and it can succeed even when deployments are weak or the sequence isn’t executed perfectly (see video example below). The attack is directed towards bases with an open ring laced with spaces for traps, surrounding a relatively soft core with defenses. These kinds of bases are intended as anti-hog/giant/gowipe bases, where the group of defense-targeting units walks around the ring hitting every trap, while the defenses in the core shoot out at them. Their anti-gowipe quality comes from the fact that there are normally enclosed compartments with key defenses (teslas) that your army will ignore while they wander through the ring. Many of them have a moat. Because the ring is open, it can be larger (you don’t need to enclose it with walls), and thus there can be more DGB threats, reducing the probability that an attacker can defuse the threat in advance with a few well placed scouts. If you are a GoWiPe’er, or pure hogger, this kind of base will give you fits. Enter the Fork. The concept here is that with a relatively open ring full of defenses (to draw the hogs around), a golem can wander along with relative impunity (no spring threat, no real threat from bombs), and if he is followed by a pack of wizards, in the package you get a great tank and trap springer, combined with a high-DPS ranged attack. We normally drop these golem/wiz groups at nearly the same point, so that one walks clockwise while the other walks counterclockwise (creating the Fork). At about the time that half the base is cleared, a small pack of hogs is unleashed which will run straight to the core and gut the base. For an open-ringed base with a soft, chewy center – consider this attack.


Phases Troops Phase Army Army Total Spells

Trigger, Drag, Cluster, Kill CC with Witches

Trigger – 4 hogriders, 20 20
Draw Kill – 3 archers, 3 barbarians, 2 witches, 3 wizards 17 + CC 37 + CC
KH2 – shaping attack 2 golems, 12 wizards, Barbarian King 108 145 + CC
Ho – main attack 11 hogriders 55 200 + CC 3 Heals


  • JTJ Name: w.TDCK, KH2 Fork, Ho
  • JTJ Name Breakdown:
    • w.TDCK — The “w” in w.TDCK refers to foundation of the CC kill method (2 witches in cc). From there you Trigger (usually hogs), then Draw (usually 1 arch), then Clump (optional), then Kill deploying 1st shield (2-3 barbs), then your CC21 – 2 witches, then flank that mass with 2-3 wizards and/or 2 archers to complete the kill.
    • KH2 Fork — KH2 Fork tells you there will be two golems accompanying the Barb King and accompanying units during that phase of the attack and the “Fork” suffix is there to differentiate this tactically (deployment indicator) from other attacks that may use the same army composition.
    • Ho — Ho indicates we will be using hogs to finish the attack,
  • Alias(es):
    • GoWiHo (prior-JTJ),
    • GoHo
    • cc21, KH2, Ho Walkabout (shifted walkabout to Fork and made it an adjective of KH2 as that is what its referring to — not hogs)
    • cc21, KHC2, Ho – Dropped the cc21 for more generic w.TDCK tag that works with all attacks (more consistent naming)


  • TH LEVEL(S): Mid to higher level TH8
  • TROOP LEVEL(S): While this depends to some extent on the level base you are attacking, you generally will need – hogriders (4), barbarian king (5+), wizards (5), heals (5)


JTJ is working on a decision tree of base attributes that leads you to the ‘recommended’ attack for that type of base. You can read about it more HERE. Summarized below is the logic (base attributes) that lead to using this type of attack.

  • Base Level – TH8
  • Tree Logic (Raw Form) – TH8 > NOT ([AD665 or lower] — OR — [One AD Broadside 5 or less c2c] — OR — [ 2 ADs exposed (easy snipes) ] > [ { Hog friendly? (DBG defusable AND CC Triggerable?)} — AND — { NOT Wall Weak — i.e. < 7 boxes & Pink Walls, 8+ boxes Gold Walls vs max TH8 PK } ] > Defenses outside of walls
  • Tree Logic (Explained) –
    • TH8 Base — Is it a TH8 base
    • NOT (all of the things below are false; if one was true there are better attacks than hogs)
      • AD665 or Lower (our standard decision point for deciding whether or not to favor a dragon attack for the base. If it’s lower, we will favor dragons, otherwise, we look to other options);
      • [ One AD Broadside 5 or less c2c] — This is checking for 11 Light. C2C is center to center (tile distance).
      • [ 2 ADs exposed (easy snipes) ] — This is checking for Dragon Snipe. Easy snipe is on edge (0 hops) or 1 hop.
    • Hog Friendly—AND—Not Wall Weak (a hog friendly base will have DGB threat spaces that can be defused or have pathing completely broken during the shaping attacks, it will have several “hog runs,” which are strings of defenses placed either directly adjacent, separated only by a wall, or otherwise with minimal traps, and it will not have lots of broad, open areas making it difficult to account for tesla or bomb placements// Not Wall Weak indicates strictly either
    • Defenses are outside the walls (indicates the open ring concept mentioned earlier, which is critical for the “fork” part of the attack)





  • 2 golems
  • 15 wizards
  • 15 hogriders
  • 3 archers
  • 2 barbarians
  • CC21 (2 witches, 1 barbarian)
  • Barbarian King
  • 3 Heals


  1. TRIGGER — Drop 4 (potentially more) hogs in a place where they will both draw the CC troops, and destroy a defense taking care not to break the ring that your golems will need to follow for their “walkabout.”
  2. DCK (drag, cluster, kill CC) — Use an archer to anchor and draw and kill the CC troops at the same point where you are going to launch your KH2 Walkabout from – normally an open corner. If you are attacking a corner that has a defense at the exact corner position, you will need to wait for the kill squad to eliminate this defense before you drop your golems. If you need to drop your BK in at this point to help clear that defense, that is fine.
  3. FORK — As your CC21 & company are killing the final CC troops, drop a golem near each defense at the mouth (opening) to the ring you are attacking. You will drop one golem on the clockwise side of the opening you are attacking and another on the counterclockwise side. You will want to back each golem with a group of wizards so that each gets about half of your remaining wiz. If you can see the Barb King is going to go with one prong of the fork, you may throw an extra wiz or two in with the other prong to even things out.
  4. HO — As the Fork golem groups move about halfway around the base, and the path to the core is clear for hogs, release your pack of hogs at the original attack point. They should run straight into the core. Heal them there. You will most likely have a Heal at the end to use where you think it will do the most good.



  • None – it’s a JTJ original

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