Co-Leader and Elder (How to Earn)


JTJ tracks a lot of stats for each clasher from wars not only over the career of a clasher but also in a shorter 8 week window we call a JTJ season (basically 4 Supercell seasons in a row). These “JTJ Seasons” are the basis for the co-leader and elder titles in JTJ (feeders are a little different). Basically at the end of each JTJ Season, we look at the stats over that eight weeks, and promote our best offensive attackers based on closer star average per clan war (details on how closer stars are calculated).

Co-Leaders = Best In War

The typically path to Co-Leader in JTJ is to be the #1 Salt or the #1 Boot in Clan War Performance for a given TH level in a JTJ 8 Week Season.  The Stat used to determine being #1 is “Closer Stars”:

Closer Stars are allocated to the clasher that gets the final stars on an enemy base in clan wars FIRST.  This clasher gets all the stars (up to 3).  This stat is used to show which clashers are really driving score in CW (as if you don’t post final stars its moot).   As with all JTJ Stats, we track them over an 8 week JTJ season and sort by TH, Boot/Salt, Closer Stars.  You can see that in action on our Stat Page

To qualify you need to have participated in majority of wars in a season at that TH and Salt/Boot level (no hard rule on what defines a majority; judgment call).

If you are #1 at the end of the season, you get the Co-Leader title and get to keep it to the end of next season (where you lose it or re-earn it).

Elders = Runner Ups to Co-Leader

Similar to Co-Leaders, Elders in JTJ are based on Clan War Performance in prior season as well (“Closer Stars”, etc.).

After Co-Leader War Hero’s are nominated in each TH Boot/Salt group, the next 20% (based on total number of clashers in a TH Salt/Boot level) on closer stars will be named Elders for each TH Boot/Salt level.

Co-Leader — Appointments

This is rare.   That said, certain Co-Leaders can, at times, be appointed by Wryhorn if they have done notable things to enable the clan.   These appointments can be for whatever length of time Wryhorn chooses.   Typically they recognize:

  • Co-Leader – Sub-Nation.  If you are the de facto leader of a large sub group in the clan.
  • Co-Leader – Ambassador.  Those that spend a lot of time working with JTJU Affiliates (gathering great content from them) and/or talking to war opponents before/after live or on twitter.
  • Co-Leader – Tree.   Those that are master gardeners of the “One Tree” (JTJ’s attack tome)
  • Co-Leader – Attack Type.  If a clasher defines a key attack variant they get this title for a season.
  • Co-Leader – Operations.  If a clasher basically does Wryhorn’s job for him so much that Wryhorn is amazed.

Leader Board

You can see a run down of who has been ‘Elder/Co-Leader’ the most on our Achievement Page.   Or take a look at our historical end of JTJ Season stat sheets here:

Hope it helps.


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