CW Matchup Calculator

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One of JTJ’s strategists is Colonel Mustard.  He put together an excel sheet to help people understand if a target was ‘too strong for them’.  Here is his comments on how to use it:

Here is a new attack calculator.  If you want to know how your attack measures up vs. the attack using max troops at your level, you can input your troop levels, your TH level, and your troop levels in the orange boxes.  Don’t touch the grey ones.  Most attacks that succeed regularly against peer level, will be at least 85% on troop levels (much more likely over 90%).  At the bottom, you will see what percentage of the TH level max troops you have for your attack, both including and excluding heroes.  So if you’re thinking about a TH8 GoWiPe and your army build is at 76% of the Max, you might think of another base.  Enjoy.

So, if you want to try it out, hit this link:

5 thoughts on “CW Matchup Calculator”

  1. Hello Colonel Mustard,

    I can’t find the xlsx sheet following the link.
    Err 500.

    Could you updtae the link please.

    Kyredor from Lannister Clan


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