JTJ’s History

JTJ was created back in late 2012 when a wee lad (Jace) convinced his friends (Theron, and Jack) to create a clan on clash of clans.  Hence the name JTJ.

Now the founders of JTJ were not leaders by trade.  Being about 10 years old they could only focus on things for about 2 minutes.  So the clan languished and didn’t grow.  Then Wryhorn appeared.

Wryhorn, Jace’s father, had initially thought the game looked to be another mind-numbing levelling app — but — as Jace played he began to help (the family shared the AppleID so everyone had Jace’s village) and the complexity possible in simple raids intrigued him.  He was hooked and left Jace’s village to play the Wryhorn account you see today.   In parallel, he began to market the clan in his spare time and got some of his work peers to join.   JTJ grew to a consistent 40-50 member size and then clan wars arrived.   Huzzzah!

With Clan Wars JTJ refocused from a farming clan (we always have thought trophy pushes were lame unless you were max) to a clan war clan.  In addition, Wryhorn launched JTJU (short for JTJ University) to help the clan, and himself, get “just a little better at the game of clash of clans”.  Initial videos were lame, granted, but over time it became clear Wryhorn was even more intrigued by Clan War attacks than he had been by raids.  An obsession was borne.  LOL.

And so we reach today.  JTJ continues to try and get a little better at the game (clan wars specifically) and inch by inch they seem to be getting there.  Hopefully JTJU and/or this site can help you too.

–  Wry

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