Ever want to take your attack planning to the next level?  Want to stop typing back and forth on your iPAD?  Wish you could have a collaborative place where you and some clash advisors could hash out an attack LIVE?  Now you can.

Introducing JTJ’s clashCOOLER


Here is how it works:

  • You setup a time for a cooler session using NATION chat or similar
  • At agreed time, you and the advisors log into JTJ’s Mumble Server at the agreed to time:
    • JTJ’s Mumble Server URL:
    • Having trouble connecting to Mumble?   If you can’t connect, if might be your DNS so try to use the raw IP in the server field of mumble instead of the domain.  To get the raw IP, just do a reverse lookup what the IP is for at a site like
  • A collaboration space is setup and an image of the base is uploaded to it.  The twiddla URL is shared in Mumble chat.
  • If Wryhorn is on he will fire up and stream the planning on twitch (optional) as it provides a nice way to share out live (and in replay) the planning process on the base
  • Collaboration then ensues

Of course you would need to download the Mumble client if you don’t have it.  You can get that here:

Or at your device’s app store.

This is to enable an adhoc concall to be setup quickly without having to give out Skype and or other personal communication details.   I have setup a few channels right now — Mumble (common chat area), JTJ, JTJ2, JTJ3, and a few NATION rooms.  No password required to get into the main channel or nation channels right now (this may change).

Be nice in the Mumble chat.  If it gets into the weeds we’ll just shut down parts or all of it.

– Wry

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