JTJ2 Rules

If you’re in JTJ2 we are built work with JTJ, so we first off try to comply with the rules of JTJ (see HERE) wherever we can.  That said there are unique aspects to how JTJ2 runs so this page represents that.

We need you to read and acknowledge these rules  and guidelines by leaving a comment with your in-game name below.  You will not be eligible for wars in the clan until you have replied to this post that you have read and understand.

  1. Overview: JTJ2 is a part of the JTJ Nation and is guided by the approach to clan wars described in the content of JTJ University, published on www.jtjclan.com, and given in this forum.  As a member of JTJ2 you will be expected to familiarize yourself with these sources of information and work within the system they describe.
  2. Alternates: We do not permit a member of JTJ2 to have their alternate in the clan at the same time.
  3. Rules Of War
    • Clash Track.  Our wars are organized in Clash Track (https://www.clashtrack.com/).  You must register at Clash Track with your in-game name and keep your upgrades current in your profile there.  If you are not registered in Clash Track, or your base profile is incomplete or considerably out of date, you will be left out of wars.
    • Who To Attack: Just like in JTJ (Main), we use a Salt/Boot war strategy. You can learn more about it here: https://jtjclan.wordpress.com/flow-of-war-in-jtj/.
    • Calling A Base: You must call a base in Clash Tools before attacking unless a Free For All has been declared by a co-leader (see below). If a player has an active call on a base in Clash Tools, expired or otherwise, you should not attack that base without getting the permission from that same player and having them (or a co-leader) delete their call.  You must not call more than one base at a time.
    • Reads: For TH8, and 9 bases, we typically (but not always) put up a “read” on Clash Tools based upon the One Tree. A read is the attack we think will most likely result in 3 stars. You are not obligated to use the read if you believe you have a better option. But if you are not using the read, and are not 3-starring regularly, we will likely need to chat. If you do not agree with a read, speak up. Talk to someone on Band or in game chat. In some cases, alternate reads are given if more than one solution will result in a 3-star attack. Reads are given using JTJ Slang.
    • Notes:  Anybody can leave a note for a base – its alwys helpful to note enemy CC fill for example. This is great help if you do not get 3 stars, to pass information on to the next person. Or you could post your plan of attack and ask for feedback from others. Make sure you read notes before attacking .
    • Updating:  After you’ve attacked, go to Clash Tools and update your attack results, or coordinate with clan chat for someone to do it for you. If you didn’t 3 star the base, it would be helpful for you to leave  a note and any suggestions for the next person if you didn’t implement your plan as intended.
    • Expiration of Calls: Initial attacks on a base expire 4 hours after the start of war, or 2 hours after the call is made, whichever is first. Follow-up attacks (e.g. clean up attacks) expire 2 hours after the call is made. If your call has expired, you cannot attack the base. If it’s available, you can re-call it but if someone has called that base after you, then you no longer have permission to attack that base. The habitual calling of a base, and allowing calls to expire, is not allowed. If you want to attack a base and someone else has called it and their call has expired, you are allowed to do so. HOWEVER, it would be courteous for you to post in game chat and make sure they are aware their call has expired and offer them an opportunity to re-call.
    • Loot Attacks: We do not allow loot attacks. If there is not a base where you can pick up a star, you should find a base and practice on. This would be an excellent time for you to work on attacks and practice on harder bases.
    • Free For All: There are times when we have an abundance of attacks left when compared to the number of bases appropriate for a specific townhall level. A co-leader would then call a Free For All for that specific townhall level (e.g. TH8 Free For All or TH8 FFA). If your townhall is in a free for all state, you can attack any base where you can pick up a star, or practice on a base if there are no bases that you can pick up a star, without calling ahead of time on Clash Tools. But please do record your attack results in Clash Tools afterwards.
    • Royals Upgrading: Whilst within JTJ2, we encourage continuous upgrading of heroes and do not want a disincentive of forcing you to opt out, you are expected to opt out of war if your Archer Queen is upgrading at TH9 and you aren’t willing to gem. Just make sure that a co-leader knows so we can plan accordingly.
    • War Base Design: Do not use internet bases, there are way too many resources online now that help identify how you might beat them. We ask you have a good quality anti-3 star design, the co-leaders will always be happy to help with design ideas
  4. Clan Chat
    • Clan chat is, foremost, a place for organizing clan activities.  Secondarily, it’s social.
    • You will not use clan chat to make “calls.”  Use Clash Tools.
    • We are not an all adult clan.  Please refrain from vulgar language in clan chat.
    • Clan chat is a perfect place to coordinate with other members to help you refine your attack plans for a certain base.  For more complex plans, Band might be a better alternative.  HOWEVER, if you ask for help in chat and you haven’t familiarized yourself with even the basics of JTJ Nation’s approach to wars, or don’t know JTJ attacks or lingo, then you are wasting our time and yours.
    • Whilst replays are of attacks good & bad are welcome in clan chat people generally aren’t interested in loot raids
    • Asking other players to evaluate your base is fine in clan chat.
  5. Band
  6. Miscellaneous
    • No Cheating.  JTJ is a fair play clan. We do not tolerate cheating. This includes spying on our opponents or using xmods. If we find out that you are doing this, you will be banned from all of JTJ.
    • Coaching.  If another player fails or struggles in a war attack, keep your comments constructive and encouraging.
    • Interrupting.  The co-leaders are a busy group.  Try to respect this.  If you can see one of them engaged in trying to solve a problem, give them time to finish what they are doing before you chime in.  If a co-leader is handling an issue in the clan, and you are not involved, do not chime in unless you are providing some constructive insight.
    • Promotions.  Do not ask for promotions.  If you get one, be happy.  If you don’t, be happy.  There is no pay raise.  Your incentives for being in JTJ2 should be for wars and getting better at the game.  Leadership is really chosen for administration of the clan, and has little to do with gameplay.
    • Friends.  If you’ve got a friend who a big fan of JTJ, knows our attacks, and wants to join, then please feel free to invite them if they are max TH7 or higher.  If it’s just your friend, then let it go.  We are trying to fill the clan with people who are inspired by our style of game play, not trying to be a digital hangout for different cliques of friends.
    • Communication.  While we use in-game chat most frequently, all of JTJ is on Band. Go to www.band.us or download the Band app for Android or iOs. We use Band for communicating with members when in-game chat is not ideal. And you can also use it to post questions you might have on strategy, tactics, base selection, how to attack a base, etc. This is usually the best place to get truly helpful advice beyond just answering a basic question.

Remember . . .

You MUST leave a comment here, on this page, acknowledging that you’ve read these rules before you are eligible to be in war. Please make sure you don’t leave a completely anonymous comment. If necessary type your in-game name in the comment. So please do that now, and then set up an account on Clash Tools and request to join JTJ2.

JTJ2 War Attack Flow Chart

154 thoughts on “JTJ2 Rules”

  1. Hello jtjclan player.do you know JON BERRY?if not please ask about him from dark maythen cause I’ve send him all information and I got max l-spell AFter it so please now tell me the clan.and by the way looking nice in specs


  2. Read it – a long time ago and just now, again – and agree to it…although it needs updating, which we are currently working on. Cheers!


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