JTJ3 Rules

If you’re in JTJ3 we are built to feed JTJ, so we first off try to comply with the rules of JTJ if we can. That said there are unique aspects to how JTJ3 runs, so this page represents that.

TO START (one time):

  1. READ JTJ RULES: Read and understand the rules. (required)
  2. READ THE JTJ WAR PROCESS: Read our war process and attack sequence. (required)
  3. READ THE JTJ UPGRADE RECOMMENDATIONS: If you’re a new TH8, getting hogs to level 4 is your #1 upgrade priority. If you’re a new TH9, get hogs to level 5 asap. Read more about JTJ’s recommended upgrade order. (required)
  4. LEARN THE JTJ SLANG: We use a lot of JTJ slang which you’ll need to learn. Read our slang page. (required)
  5. SIGN UP ON CLASH TOOLS: Sign up for Clash Tools (CT) and associate (request to join) JTJ3 on CT. We use CT for calling attacks in war. You’ll be expected to call every attack in CT, then update it with your attack results. (required)
  6. SIGN UP ON BAND: A chat app all JTJ clans (and JTJ Affiliates) use to communicate. Download BAND and join JTJU NATION. (optional)
  7. FIX YOUR WAR BASE — i.e. DGBs, etc.: If you’re TH8+, make sure your war base has double giant bombs in hog paths.  All JTJ clashers should review JTJ’s base design document and tweak their base accordingly. (required)


  1. BEFORE IT STARTS — OPT IN/OUT: Be sure to opt out of war if you’ll be away or if your spell factory is upgrading. You may war while heroes are upgrading under the following conditions: (required)
    • TH7 and TH8 may war while upgrading heroes
    • TH9 may war while upgrading one hero; or both heroes if AQ is below level 5
    • TH10 must have both heroes in war
  2. BEFORE YOU ATTACK — CONSIDER THE “ONE” TREE: The “One Tree” is a tool we use to point us to the best attacks to use in war given a specific base. Ask in clan chat how to get access to The “One” Tree. If you’re unsure how use it or what a recommended attack means, ask in clan chat or on JTJU NATION! (optional)