JTJ’s Sub-Clans (JTJ 2/3)


As a clan war clan, JTJ Main tries (LOL) not to lose.   A core component of minimizing that (losses) is trying to work with known talent.   So JTJ Main doesn’t take clashers on directly.  Then need to war with one of our sub-clans first.  The sub-clans currently are JTJ2 (#PQP2GR9C) and  JTJ3 (#Y2VCPRJQ).

What Is a Sub-Clan?

Sub-clans exist to:

  1. ENABLE AUDITIONS:   As mentioned above, all applicants to JTJ start the sub-clans so their ‘skillz’ can be validated before bringing them up to JTJ Main.  This happens by a simple process.   Each Monday, Wryhorn (JTJ Clan Leader) watches the war replays in each sub-clan and, if someone seems really solid at their TH level and there is an opening in JTJ, he invites them to come to JTJ Main.
  2. ENABLE PRACTICE:   JTJ veterans got to the sub-clans when they need to reduce their clash time.  The sub-clans are a bit more relaxed than JTJ.
  3. ENABLE JTJU BONDING:  If you are a fan of JTJU and want to war with people that use those attack styles and lingo, the sub-clans can be a great short, or long, term home for you.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply.  Here is the LINK.

HOWEVER if you are coming from a JTJU affiliate we ask that you stay with the affiliate (we will not take you on).  We do this to honor the commitment the affiliate has made to JTJU.  We don’t want to return the favor by luring their talent away.   In reality, if you are in an affiliate, you have access to most of what JTJ’s Clan Family (JTJ, JTJ2, JTJ3) have access to.   In addition, all new players start in the sub-clans anyway and its a slow process to move up to JTJ. Translation, if you are a member of an affiliate clan, stay put.  LOL.

Sub-clan — War Schedule

Schedule — Sub-clans war on the same schedule as JTJ. This schedule can be seen HERE.  Note, sub-clans don’t have to war all the time (do all wars on schedule).  What is asked is that, when they war, they war on same schedule so that (1) call ups from JTJ can happen smoothly (hard if both clans are not on ‘break’ at time of call up) and (2) they can participate in superSUNDAY (where we stream final attacks from all JTJ Clan Family clans and participating affiliates).

Getting just a little better .. (how to)

A few pointers for those in JTJ sub-clans clans with a goal of getting just a little better — FAST — so they can get to JTJ:

  1. MAX YOUR TROOPS/BASE — THE RIGHT WAY.   In JTJ we expect you to max your troops and base before upgrading the TH, as most clans do, BUT we want you to do it the ‘right’ way.  In short, upgrading your offensive troops FIRST then your defensive stuff.  Here is a LINK to a detailed post about it.
  2. ATTACK IN WARS USING TREE.  JTJ has this thing called ‘The One Tree’.  Basically its a decision tree that allows you, on answering questions on the base you are looking at, to know what the recommended attack strategy for that base is (in the eyes of JTJU).  Here is a LINK to a detail summary of all the attack types in “The One Tree” with links to sample video where available.
  3. GET ON NATION.  JTJ has a social community online called JTJU NATION (based on BAND).  So when you are looking at a given base and need advice or just want to see the banter of JTJ and Affiliate Clans (and/or JTJU fan boys) this is where you should go.   This LINK tells you how to get setup and logged into JTJU NATION.
  4. GET YOUR BASE LAYOUT TIGHT.   When you get to JTJ there is recommended bases to use (or not use) but for now get familiar with key base design concepts for your TH level.  You can read about them HERE.  Try and adjust your base to deliver all those keys and then post it out on nation for feedback.
  5. ATTACK YOUR PEER IN WAR.   The big value JTJ is looking for is clashers that can consistently 3 star bases at their power level.  So in clan wars don’t NUKE (hit down to lower TH level).  Instead, attack a base that is similar to your level (i.e. if you are a new TH9 look for a TH9 with level 1 xbows).  Click HERE for a calculator that you can use to objectively compare your troops to a given base.
  6. LEARN HOW TO READ THE TREE.  I mentioned above “The One Tree”.  Ideally you don’t just wait for clan wars where you read the ‘read’ in clashcaller.com.  Instead you ideally should be studying the tree.   You can get access to it by emailing Wryhorn @ jtjclan @ gmail.com with a gmail.com address (tree is based on google apps).   You can post questions about it on NATION.

Clan War Calling Guidelines for Feeders:

Sub-clans are a little bit more laid back than JTJ on how calls are made.  In short:

  1. ATTACK AT YOUR BASE LEVEL — In sub-clans we are less worried about winning and more worried that attacks help clashers learn the skillz they need to succeed at JTJ.  So we suggest calling bases at your peer level in TH (so entry level TH8, look for a entry level TH8 to hit)
  2. USE CLASH TRACK– Use http://www.clashtrack.com/  (signup and then join the JTJ clan you are in) to call the base that you want to attack (to increase odds that no one stomps over the army you are building).
  3. USE THE READ — In clash.tools, each base may (if the readers have updated it) have the the recommended (in JTJU’s view) attack for the base.   If there, try that.  Research that attack online or in JTJU.    Plan it out (pictures, etc.).   Post it to NATION to get feedback.  Then do it.
  4. RELAX — Remember we are all trying to get better.  However, if you see clashers in a sub-clans that don’t seem to be trying to do that (not attacking in CW, using bad mixes in CW, etc.) let us know and we’ll look into it.

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