JTJU Goes to Twitch.TV

So as of today, 11/01/2015, JTJU will start to leverage Twitch.TV in its goal to help clashers get “Just a little bit better at the game of Clash of Clans”. The official JTJU Twitch.TV channel is here:

Right now we are planning to deliver via streaming two types of content:

  1. clashCOOLER. This is where we stream live attack planning sessions for clashers in the JTJU NATION family (JTJ clans and JTJU Affiliate clans). A group of people will hash out an attack plan for a given base primarily using twiddla.com as a tool.
  2. superSUNDAY. This is where the 40+ JTJ Clans and JTJU Affiliate Clans stream their attacks (live when available, replay if not) during the closing hours of their war that ends Sunday at around 9-10 CST. Goal is a rapid fire review of live attacks or completed attacks of note.

If we add other content we’ll update this accordingly.

– Wry

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