JTJU Nation (BAND App)

Introducing …. JTJ Nation.

LOL.  O.k.  beyond the impressive name — basically JTJ Nation is a CROSS CLAN chat environment for all those clashers out there that love JTJ and/or its youtube channel RunBuckOnGames.   It’s based on the iPhone/Android app called BAND.   So if you were looking for a way to talk shop with all the clashers that are part of the JTJ nation (JTJ Main, JTJ2, JTJ Affiliates, RunBuckOnGames subsribers, etc.), then JTJ Nation is for you.

To try it out you need to:

1.Download the BAND app to your smart phone (desktop version possible — see p.s. below)
2.Setup your account (don’t worry — in the group all contact details are hidden.  Only you can see your contact info.)
3.Then hit this link from your mobile http://band.us/n/a3adr0xfOdU8I

That, should get add a group in your BAND account called “JTJ Nation”.   Click into that.  Once in, you should see a post at the top of the boards (in the notice section, sometimes you have to expand it to see it if there is a lot of notices) telling you some basic ‘how to use stuff”.  Read that and your are set!


I would recommend you go to your settings in  and set to ONLY get notifications when you are directly mentioned (your name typed) in a post or comment.  This will keep your phone from buzzing every time a post is made (while still keeping the ability to get reached when people are talking specifically to and/or about you).  I would shut off notifications from chat.


The two things we ‘think’ clashers will use this for is (1) to ask for help on attacks like posting a picture of a base to the JTJ nation main board w/ troops asking for help and/or (2) talking to people that get the JTJ lingo (chat area).  As a bonus, as we use it, it is archiving all that activity so future users can search prior discussions.

If you have issues or questions, let me know — Otherwise I’ll see you out on “JTJ Nation”

RunBuck a.k.a Wryhorn.

p.s.  you can also interact on “JTJ Nation” from your desktop.  Just go to http://www.band.us and hit ‘sign up’ at the bottom.  Its a phone based app so it asks you to enter some mobile number HOWEVER you can signup with just email (the link to do that is at the bottom of the page where it asks you for mobile phone).   Then you can hit the link above.


7 thoughts on “JTJU Nation (BAND App)”

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  2. Hi wry

    The link to join jtju nation group doesn’t work. After clicking it, i am taken to a page saying that the invite has been cancelled.


  3. One of the moreimpressive blogs I’ve read. Thanks so much for keeping the internet classy for a change. You’ve got style. I mean it. Please keep it up because without thenet is definitely lacking in intelligence.


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