JTJU (aka JTJ University) is JTJ’s youtube channel.

Wryhorn, the leader of JTJ, curates it and 99.9% of its content is clan wars related either looking attack strategy and tactics or base design.  To help you get a sense of the channel here are the main playlists you might want to check out.


Big Daddy Fire Team (BDFT)
Loonion Snipe
GoWiPe, sLo
GoWiWi Ho!
KH2, Tri LavaLoon
Quattro LavaLoon
813 “Deep” Dragoon
813 “Trident” Dragoon
99 Dragoon
105 Dragoon
105 “Inverted” Dragoon
105 “Light” Dragoon
11 Light
Dragon Snipe
GoWi, Ho
GoWiPe Mini sLo
Hog21 Pincher
k1323, kh1, ho

Hope it helps.  Let me know if you have questions or concerns.


12 thoughts on “JTJU”

  1. Eager to learn the finer pts of warring. I’m lev 121 TH9 looking to join a clan to better my clashing ability. YouTube is a great source of info material but it lacks the benefits of back-in-forth texting.


  2. Hey wry. My ign is clanhuntaz2.0 and clanhuntaz. I am currently in jtj2 with clanhuntaz 2.0 and jtj3 with clanhuntaz. The kicked me from jtj3 because they said i have to go to an affiliate clan. I believe you said i could join the jtj3 clan with my second account. I just want to be apart of the jtj family. What clan should i join next.


    1. That’s true, alts can join separate clans. That said, I don’t dictate to the leaders in the feeders who is added (or not). However, if they are blocking just on that you can re-approach and point them to this comment (its o.k.).


  3. Impact of a second mature air sweeper on TH9 air attacks. Discuss. I’m starting to see a huge drop off in the number of air attacks at the TH9 vs TH9 level.
    Love the videos/music keep them coming.


    1. Erin, I would agree — the recent patch/nerf adding the 2nd AS really impacted the % of attacks at TH9 being air. Now the majority is ground. Also see a lot of open bases at war end now at TH9 and sometimes TH8 due to it I assume.


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