Jump, 7Go


Editors Note: Don’t get our slang? Check out our dictionary HERE.


If you are facing a TH10 that has its Inferno towers set to multiple and, with 4 jumps, you can have > 50% of the base, including the TH Core, opened up — you might want to consider “Jump, 7Go” and/or its variants. Granted its been called other things (Seven Golem, Flintstones, Rolling Stones, Digg-a-licious, etc.) but the key is you roll, after some well placed jumps, 7 golems in a nice formation across the enemy base such that NO backers of those golems (wizards) die to snipe/flanking fire AND the King and Queen can path to and kill the Town Hall without harassment/distraction.

Got it? Good. Lets take a look in more detail.


  • JTJ Name: 7Go
  • JTJ Name Breakdown:
    • 7 — This tells you how many golems we are running out with this attack. Yes that is a “7” (6 + 1 in CC”)
    • Go — Golems, as mentioned above.
  • Alias(es):
    • JTJU Full Name (all phases) — Jump, 7Go
    • Oher names in the wild — 7 Golem, Flintstone, Rolling Stone, Digg-a-licious (after the JTJ Clasher that championed it getting adopted)
    • Simple name (belongs in this family) — GoWi
  • Variants:
    • Jump, 6Go Pekka (if your attack vector seems to be away from Teslas — won’t encounter them till after TH) go with CC of a PEKKA 2 wiz and 2 archers — still testing this)
    • Jump, 6Go Valk (if the attack vector has heavy side-by-side and/or a non-def ring around TH Core go with CC of 4 Valks and 3 archers — still testing this)


  • TH LEVEL: TH10
    • TH10.1 and TH10.5 — You will love this attack as it lets you consistently (?) two star TH10.9 (max) bases. In doing so, your clan can have your TH10.9 clashers hit down on the TH10.1 enemy enabling higher odds of 3 star. Who wouldn’t want that?
    • TH10.9 — You have a lot of lee-way (40/40 royals allows for some mistakes) when attacking a base but this is a strong consideration if the base layout matches the profile.
  • TROOP LEVEL(S): While this depends to some extent on the level base you are attacking, you generally will need –
    • All —
      • Max Golems
      • Max Jump Spell (time is key here)
    • Royals
      • At least 18/18 on the King/Queen.  The Golems do all the heavy lifting on this attack.


JTJ is working on a decision tree of base attributes that leads you to the ‘recommended’ attack for that type of base. You can read about it more HERE. Summarized below is the logic (base attributes) that lead to using this type of attack. Note, tree logic changes all the time so you should ask on JTJU’s NATION for current logic if you try this attack based on what looks to be matching base but it fails.

  • Base Level – TH10
  • Tree Logic (Raw Form; as of 08/09/15) – Read questions in order (if you don’t agree w/ a question might not be a “Jump, 7Go” base:
    1. Both Inferno Towers on Multi Target? (YES)
    2. Base layout enables 3 attack teams, supported by 4 jumps, to stay grouped and spaced as they move through base (and to TH Core)? (YES)
    3. CC Easily Triggerable? (NO)
    4. Tons of side-by-side buildings (NO)
    5. Hog pathing off both sides of a BDFT team diving mid low risk (to hogs)? (NO)
    6. Can 2/3 of a 3/2/3 deployment of 7 golems tie up XBows — AND — Cover full width of base (no flanks)? (YES)
    7. (Is the TH Core surrounded by non-def ring) OR (Does the attack vector have a lot of side-by-side buildings)?
      1. YES —
        1. Is attack vector pressured by tesla risk?
          1. YES — Jump, 6 Go Valk
          2. NO — Jump, 6 Go PEKKA
      2. NO —
        1. NO — Jump, 7 Go


Double Box with Buffers


Double Box with Small Buffers


Double Box Overlap with Non-Def Ring


3 Box



Shows below is the units used in the “Jump, 7Go” attack.


Here is a full breakdown of how the units are used in the “Jump,7Go” style by phase/sub-phase of the attack.


From a sequence of deployment the most important aspect of a 7Go (or 6Go) attack is visualizing the path of each golem team through the attack (which means understanding how what each does, versus time, impacts the others). That said, lets look at each part:

  • ATTACK VECTOR. You want the attack vector (line of attack for the middle golem team) such that the flanking golem teams can establish cuts (or leverage existing ‘cut’ points that exist in the base like walls). The cuts are to herd the King and Q (and a few golems/wiz) towards the TH Core. An attack vector that results in a CC trigger early (better yet by one of the flanking golem teams) is best as you don’t want to be messing with the CC at the last moment as your Q is trying to lock to the TH. Get the CC triggered and dealt with early.
  • FIRST JUMPS. You want to place those about the width of the base (one team at each corner of the base and one in the middle). Place them such that the golems can walk forward; leading the wizards that trail them by 1-2 non-defensive buildings). You see in the video an example of where the jumps were placed too far forward on the edges/sides and it (plus the wizards being placed forward) results in the wizards getting flanked.
  • GOLEM TEAMS. Golem + 5 wizards (a tick more for the middle team that deals w/ royals). Big thing here is having time between dropping golems and the wizards behind them. The last wizard team (mid) also gets the CC dropped with them. This is solved (somewhat) by dropping in a sequence of golem team to left flank, golem team to right flank, golem team to mid — then wizards at each spot. The drop sequence will also give your flank teams a natural head start (helping the cuts form).
  • ROYALS, JUMP, RAGE, POISON. The attack is almost on auto-pilot at this point. You drop your royals behind the group on the attack vector (mid) and then the jump spell to get them to mid (other jumps spells will still be up). Then you rage when the Q gets in range of the TH (or slightly before) such that the Q will be under rage when dealing with the TH. Poison is used when Skeletons show up (or on CC if its a light CC mix like witches/wiz).


  • Honeycombed Bases — This attack started with the “double box with buffers” internet base that was (is) so popular for TH10 — see ‘mugshots’ above. What that base offers, to attacks, is un impeded attack lanes (there are only 5-6 boxes in the base). If the base is far more honeycombed (tight/dense) you probably don’t want the 7Go as there is much more risk that your Golems will stall out on a wall and/or bunch up w/ the wizards they are defending (putting them under AoE fire (mortars, wizard towers, etc.).
  • Non-Def Ring Around TH Core — Similar to the old hog defense, clashers w/ this setup are trying to shunt your golems around the TH Core exposing (or redirecting) your King and Q team that is going for the mid. If you see a non-def ring around core consider swapping a golem out (maybe your CC golem) for 4 valks and 3 archers. What you want is a meat shield that will path like King and queen (target non-def) and the valk will do that for you.
  • Hound in CC — The hound (or dragon) is CC is a risk factor as it could stall out your Q as she shoots it down. Ideally your release timing triggers the CC and gets the hound over to the flanks (away from the Q) but if not you still might power through.
  • Half Full — So this attack is all about 2 stars right (TH + 50%). Well one risk you will get tripped up by is getting to the TH but then missing getting to 50%. Sometimes this is due to the base setup — i.e. 55% of the buildings are on the opposite side of the base from where you are attacking. So you want to count, if you are anal, the number of buildings on the 1/2 of the base you are attacking from. If 40+ buildings (TH10 has 80 buildings) you are good. < 40 = risky. If you want to be conservative only count stuff in the TH core up to the TH but not further as usually the attack stalls out there with the KQ.



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