One Tree — The Answer To All “How Should I Attack” Questions



Editors Note:  Don’t get our slang?  Check out our dictionary HERE.


JTJ is current deep in the R&D process of trying to stabilize a detailed yes/no decision tree for how to attack a given base.  Given its a decision tree we call it “The One Tree”.     For those that can’t see it, it is currently based in a pretty massive Google Docs Spreadsheet (1 tab per TH).  Here is a snippet of branch logic from the TH8 Tree.

example image

So you can see it tries to allow you to iteratively asks questions to you about the base you want to attack slowly narrowing to a recommended attack style.  Once you get there it then provided links to JTJU material on that style (and/or external reference material on the same).


We created it and continue to test/evolve it by:

  • Mapping JTJ attacks in clan wars to it.  So during the prep phase we notate for all TH8/9/10 bases what the ‘tree’ recommends.  JTJ clashers then can use that recommendation (positive test) or their own (negative test) to drive how they attack the base.  Regardless of the style used we then assess if the tree needs adjustment based on the outcome of the attack (versus the recommendation).
  • Cage Matches.  Recently you might have seen on JTJU videos titled ‘cage matches’.  This is where its not clear how to attack a base (various styles seem to work).  In that situation we have solid attackers from 2 styles 3 star the base and compare what troops remain (more troops = more room for mistakes; better recommendation).
  • Other Clan 3 Star Videos.  We audit the tree versus other 3 star video footage we see on as well.   To date (3/26/2015) we probably have footed 200+ 3 star videos to the tree and counting.


Relative to status of sharing it … As of 05/10/2015 we are resuming work (took a break to get JTJ2 working and address JTJ imbalance issues).  TH8 is pretty done, TH9 is 60% done, and TH10 is more ’emerging’.   Still need to weave in impact of AS in tree (although I don’t think it does too much outside of impacting attack line for a lot of attacks).


While we wait for it to come out of the never ending beta, for those that have access, I’ll use this section to capture “How to Use” notes that I sense people want  (based on questions/comments in JTJU NATION).

  • What are all the “NOT” lines in the One Tree for?? (from Jason the Great; JTJU affiliate)

The tree is based on the concept of a decision matrix.  So you start at the top and ask the 1st Boolean question, if its true you move inside that branch if its false you move to the NOT of that question that failed and then go to the question under it.  

For example on TH8.

– 1st Question — “TH9 Hitting Down?”   Lets say your answer is not.
– Move to “NOT — TH9 Hitting Down?”  Next question under that
– Next question under that — “[ {AD665 or lower?} — OR —
{ One AD Broadside 5 or less c2c?} — OR —
{2 ADs exposed (easy snipes) } ]”
– If true you move to the question under it “One or more AD broadside options (w/i ~8 tiles center to center)?” — if false you move to the NOT of it — and then the question under that “2 AD’s Exposed To Supported Snipe (i.e. 2-3 hops in; loon/rage or hog/heal with dense route)”

  • Is the TH9 branch written for only max offense TH9 attackers?? (from Colonel Mustard; JTJ)

It isn’t accurate to say the TH9 tree is built for a given profile of an attacking clasher.  The tree checks troop levels early on for LavaLoon attacks (for example — this branch “[ Level 2 Lava Hounds — AND — Max Loons — AND — (KQ 20/20+ if near Max Base)]”) and shifts you to Hog and GoWiPe if you don’t have the troops.  I suspect your are referring to how ‘reads’ have to assume a profile attacker and the profile attacker is a Salt (max attacker in JTJ slang).  However, in JTJ, I have started the vary the profile used for reads when setting up clashcaller based on a “salt line” we define by TH level (the last max base at the level) as JTJ knows that Salt clashers attack above and non-salt below.  Seems to resolve that old issue.  Tree and Clashcaller setup working together.

Notable Updates To Tree

As I make updates to the tree we notate that change in the spreadsheet using the comment functionality of Google Spreadsheets.  If you click on ‘comments’ at the top left


You will see the last change note I made and if you click on that comment it should take you to the cell where the change was made (approximately).

How Do I Get Access

Since it is in beta, and often more wrong than right (LOL), you have to be a clasher in either:

Fear not, the end goal is to share it out when it is more right than wrong for TH8 to TH10.   Don’t want to waste non JTJ/JTJU faithful clashers time prior to that.


31 thoughts on “One Tree — The Answer To All “How Should I Attack” Questions”

  1. If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, I’d be considered a serial stalker. I adamantly follow your videos every week. I even created our clan website with a decision tree off of the th8 war tactics you taught. I would love a copy of your one tree for all th levels. I don’t care if it’s in beta. your material is just awesome.


  2. Could I get access to the tree plz. Thank you and learning a lot in jtj3 with smjr98,brian,cm, thanks for your knowledge of the game and help hope to be in the main with yall guy soon


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