War Recap Videos from Chive on2

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Another “STUD/DUD” war recap for you.

  • WAR — 03/27/15
  • OPPONENT — Chive on2
  • RESULT (SCORE) — WIN (JTJ 121, Chive on2 97)
  • WAR RECORD — 92-9-1 overall

This war recap covers :

  • STUD — Colonel Mustard: TH9 Entry Level 3 starred by KHC2, Ho!!!
  • STUD — Agony: TH9 Max 3 starred by GoVa, sLo
    DUD — That Guy: TH9 Max Fail when trying GoWiPe, sLo

That said, here are the videos. Hope it helps.


032715 War Recap — JTJ vs Chive On2 (win)

So, another notch in the belt of JTJ as we rolled over Chive On2 121 to 97.  We had a little bit of TH advantage in their defense but could of been tight if they had attacked a bit better.

032515 war


  • TH10.  TH10 crew did pretty well 2 starring all TH10’s expect their top base (my bad; my bad).  May have some tree edits out of that as a few attacks looked like BDFT but got rolled by other aspects.
  • TH9.  The TH9 crew struggled a bit this war as they only could 3 star 6 out of 12 TH9’s (and that’s with one of the 3 stars from a TH10).  Now granted two of the TH10 hit downs ‘whiffed’ to 2 stars but the overall play had parts to correct.
  • TH8.  Played really well as usual.  No TH8, or lower, bases were left unstarred.

There were some solid attacks in the war though so may do a STUD/DUD set off it.


Band App — Savior or Destroyer?

So, its been discussed in the past but someone else brought it up so I thought I would post it out here.   What?  The “band” app for iOS and Android phones.
band app icon1
Basically lets you create a group, called whatever (say JTJ) that:

  • – has a private messaging system (broadcast or member to member)
  • – a calendar (not sure what this does for a clan)
  • – an image sharing area (that could be used I guess over posting links or emailing)
  • – a post area (for news, clan rules, etc – not sure)

From my view I hesitate to endorse it as in-game chat would suffer (people would be talking in two places).  The benefits are limited (we don’t share images much).   However, I thought I would poll the faithful as well — so what do you think?

If you vote “it’s awesome” clarify in comments how you see the issues I mention (specifically talking in two places).

100th War Milestone — Win over MarcoVeio

100th Win Leads to JTJ Site.

Well JTJ completed its 100th clan war on 03/23/2015 and it was a solid romp over MarcoVeio 135-104.


Also one of our higher scores in recent memory for 50v50.  You can see the detail war summary here:

To celebrate the milestone we are launching the www.jtjclan.com website to begin to more accurately chronicle the banter/journey of the stewards of the “One Tree”.