In the realCLASH format, Wryhorn sits down w/ a guest attacker and/or analysts and takes a look at what REALLY  happened in the live attack after a clashCOOLER planning session.

So, might be good, might be bad but you will see it warts (or glory) and all.

Things Guests Might Want to Know:

  1. Audio — Guest attackers and analysts would get on Mumble (or Skype if the commentators want to share sync’d video in conversation) and talk live w/ Wryhorn during the recording.  If that give you hives — worst case he can review your plan alone [cry] based on markup and/or notes you send.
  2. Plan — If you are going to get live with Wry, you can just bring your brain and talk Wry about the Attack.   Or bring your plan and we’ll toggle back and forth between in and the live attack footage.
  3. Potential Questions from Wry — The line of questions / commentary in real clash will focus in on each step of the attack with a goal of asking:
    1. Was it per plan?
    2. Were the tactical steps to implement the plan ideal?
    3. Where did the attack blow up (in the attackers or defenders face)
    4. Given reveals of traps real time should there of been adjustments?
    5. Etc.


  1. Audio — We use Mumble ideally (allows a lot of collaborators) or Skype.  The mumble server is at
    1. Having trouble connecting to Mumble?   If you can’t connect, if might be your DNS so try to use the raw IP in the server field of mumble instead of the domain.  To get the raw IP, just do a reverse lookup what the IP is for at a site like
  2. Plan Markups — We use  Wry will create a shared session and paste the link to in in TeamSpeak chat.  Click that and while you talk about your attack you can markup your plan (or Wry can).
  3. Video Capture — We plan to stream via Twitch.  So after the session is complete that is the where you can find the replay (and later on the JTJU YouTube channel).

Look forward to seeing you out there.

– Wryhorn

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