RowThe One Tree — How To Start Using It


What is the One Tree?

As clashers join JTJ’s Family of Clans or become affiliates of JTJU NATION they get access to the One Tree. For those not aware, the One Tree is a decision matrix of yes/no questions by Town Hall asked with a given target base in mind.  As you work through the questions, the One Tree leads you to a recommended attack for base you are looking at.

How to Start Using It

The ideal way to start using the One Tree is to work with the NATION.

What I mean by that is start a thread on NATION with a picture of the base you want to ‘read’ the One Tree for.  Also post your profile so the NATION knows your troops.  Then, in the first comment (or in your post) write down each node (question) you considered and what your answer was.  Would look something like this:

Row 10 – [ {TH10 NUKING?} — OR — {TH9.1 AKA NEWB (i.e. no xbows or xbows down AND Q 0-1 AND 4th AD not Max)} ]
— NO
Row 32 – [Attacker has –> Level 2 Lava Hounds — AND — Max Loons — AND — (KQ ~ 20/20+ if near Max Base)]
— NO
Row 78 – [ { Is base AoE defenses asymmetrical when looking at 2 axis } — AND { Is base semi spread (i.e. 3-4 buried 2×4 DGB risk points) } — AND { WB+Jump gets to mid and enables edge distract + DGB risk point mitigation?} ]
— NO
Row 85 – [ { Dense hog run(s)? (hog runs – spot:6+; 2spot:3+ // -1 on spring gaps, end on GB gaps) } — AND { (GB/DGB defusable/NA) — AND (Q exposed to KHC# } — AND { NOT Wall weakness — i.e. < 7 boxes & TH6 walls (Pink) w/ max PK } ]
Row 88 – Is shaping the base via pre-atk loon/hog snipes possible — AND — create denser/distinct hog runs?
Row 90 – Q exposed to KHC
— NO
Row 125 – Can 1 Jump Spell turn the base into 6 or less compartments?
Row 127 – Can you quickly eliminate/mitigate majority of AoE defense?
— Result – GoWitch, Ho Flank

What this does is a couple things:

  • You learn a bit better (people retain information when they write it down)
  • You get feedback from others on your answers each step of the way in the tree logic (so you can see where your interpretation might be wrong)
  • You begin to see the defensive keys that lead to (or away) from certain types of attack.

If you put @Wryhorn and @Colonel Mustard one of us will comment on the Tree Read (as well as others in NATION that use it as a tool to shape their attack planning).

At the end of the day, the One Tree isn’t guaranteed to give you the best attack.  But what it does do is make you think about attacks in terms of what the target base is offerring.  So even if you decide its not for you — playing with it for awhile can help you evolve your base reading skills quite a bit (i.e. XYZ base characteristic leads to this style(s) of attack).

Hope it helps

– Wry

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