JTJ’s Rules

Editors Note:  Don’t get our slang?  Check out our dictionary HERE.

If you are new to JTJ (or want to join) you probably want to know what ‘rules’ we operate under.  In short, in the main clan (JTJ), here they are:

  1. Arranged War:
    1. Arranged Wars Trump Royal Upgrades:   If we have an arranged war scheduled you will get notified via clan mail starting 14 days prior.  We do this to enable you to manage your royal upgrades.  In short, if you don’t want to gem the finish of royal(s) on upgrade, and an Arranged War is approaching, it is assumed you will hold your royal upgrade until after your attacks in the arranged war.  Restated, if we have an arranged war happening all members are assumed to be ready to war (no upgrading royals in process).
  2. Clan War:
    • Clash Tools: Sign up for Clash Tools (CT) and apply to the JTJ clan you are in (JTJ, JTJ2, or JTJ3). We use CT for calling attacks in war. In war, you’ll be expected to call all attacks in CT, then update it with your attack results. (required)
    • War Process: Read our war process and attack sequence. (required)
    • Use Both Attacks.  In clan wars, we expect people to use both attacks.  If can’t (called a “MIA”), and no good reason, may be benched in next war.  Repeated MIAs may = being kicked.
    • DON’T Snipe.  Not even when we know we are going to win.   Instead use remaining attacks to attack the best base at your level.   Loot is easy; Victory is hard.
    • Royals Expected For War. Opt out of war if your royals are upgrading and you are not willing to gem them.   Exception is if you can get HQ o.k. to be in war w/ royal(s) down — if you don’t get o.k. and don’t want to gem them … opt out.  We ask this as it impacts our Salty Boot War Party Creation Process.
  3. Troop Requests.  Give what is asked for.  Ask before ignoring (and giving something else).  Exception would be if you can tell the request is invalid (no space, etc.).
  4. JTJ NATION (JTJ’s Community on BAND): A chat app we use to communicate. Download BAND and join JTJ NATION. (optional)
  5. Max Before Upgrade.  We have an expected upgrade sequence in JTJ.  In short, max your base before upgrading TH (units, defenses, hero’s, etc.).  Walls can lag 1 level.  For details on our upgrade sequence recommendations go HERE.
  6. Language.  Please refrain from colorful language like ***, and ***, and most importantly #!$!#.   We have a mix of ages so we want to set a good example.
  7. SLANG: We use a lot of JTJ slang which you’ll need to learn. Read our slang page. (required)
  8. New Clashers Start in the Sub-Clans.  So we have three sub-clans right now (JTJ2/JTJ3) which is where new players are asked to start.  We do this to allow both parties (us/you) to see if being in JTJ is a match.  That said, all our sub-clans are quite successful (similar clan perks to JTJ, similar win %) so some actually choose to stay in the sub-clan system.  You can read about the sub-clans and how you get called up on our sub-clans page.  You can see unique rules for each sub clan under our “Want to Join?” / “Rules” section of the site.
  9. Fair Play.  All JTJ Clans (Main, 2, 3, 4, etc.) are “Fair Play” clans.  This means we don’t seek out information that both teams don’t have readily available.  This includes but isn’t limited to:  using XMod to practice offline for a war, trying to ‘sneaky’ scout enemies (i.e. applying to their recent war opponents, applying to their clan, etc) to get visibility to their traps, etc.  Regular scouting (burning an attack to see whats there) is fine.  If you are a clasher wanting to use such ‘sneaky’ tools and techniques we aren’t the clan for you.

Let me know if you have questions or concerns.


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