Skinny BDFT, Ho


Editors Note: Don’t get our slang? Check out our dictionary HERE.


If you are a TH9 tasked with chasing a big dog (TH10), you only have a few options we would recommend:

  1. Lava Loonion — When the Inferno Towers are on single
  2. Skinny BDFT, Ho — When the Inferno Towers are set to Multi
  3. Barch Snipe — When 32+ buildings are outside the walls

There might be others (like KHC Barch if AoE is spread, etc.) but we like these three as they are simpler to execute (key for someone that typically isn’t doing a given style of attack). Note, the first two options are viable if the TH10 is a entry level or maybe mid. The third option works for any level.

That said, lets dig into #2 — Skinny Big Daddy Fire Team, Ho (Skinny BDFT, HO for short) and see what it is all about.




  • JTJ Name: Skinny BDFT, Ho
  • JTJ Name Breakdown:
    • Skinny — “Skinny” refers to 4 Golems vs the usual 5 you see in the standard BDFT in TH10.
    • BDFT — This refers to the role the 4 Golems (and KHC) play in this attack. In short, saturate the Inferno Towers while taking out enemy CC in walls (lightning support). Bonus, distract the defenses for the hogs. Triple Bonus, defuse Giant Bomb and Spring traps.
    • Ho — This refers to the hogs that swoop in on the base off the Skinny BDFT distract team.
  • Alias(es):
    • Penta Golem


  • TROOP LEVEL(S): While this depends to some extent on the level base you are attacking, you generally will need –
    • Target Base TH10 Entry — Hog Riders (5), Barbarian King (20+), queen (20+), golem (3, 5), wizards (5), heals (5).
    • Target Base TH10 Mid — Hog Riders (5), Barbarian King (30+), queen (30+), golem (4, 5), wizards (5), heals (5).
    • Target Base TH10 Max — No not you. You should run and hide. Save yourself. LOL.


JTJ is working on a decision tree of base attributes that leads you to the ‘recommended’ attack for that type of base. You can read about it more HERE. Summarized below is the logic (base attributes) that lead to using this type of attack. Note, tree logic changes all the time so you should ask on JTJU’s NATION for current logic if you try this attack based on what looks to be matching base but it fails.

  • Base Level – TH10
  • Tree Logic (Raw Form; asOf 05/24/15) –
    • Is target base have Inferno Towers on multi? (YES)
    • Can you get Skinny BDFT team to mid (pathing is there) with 4 wall breakers and a jump? (YES)
    • Are Inferno Towers close enough together than Skinny BDFT can saturate both of them at same time? (YES)




  1. Skinny BDFT–
    1. TDCK (optional) — Trigger, Drag, Clump, Kill of enemy CC. If you can easily do this (say losing more than 20 unit slots) I would consider it. If more I would go with light and roll the dice.
    2. Golem / Wizard Cuts. This step is similar to any phase that needs to dive in a certain direction (i.e. any KHC2 strategy). You drop the Golems such that they post up on a defensive structure 8-10 tiles off the line you want to attack on (1 golem on each side). Then you drop the wiz (usually 2; spread) behind and protected by each golem to cut outside clutter so that the KHC dropped in next phase goes where you want. With a BDFT you have 4 Golems so just drop 2 Golems at each point.
    3. Dive. O.k. Now the cuts are in from the prior step. At this point drop 2 of your WB to penetrate between the two Golem positions. Pick a spot that allows the golems to spread out after going through hole (so a non-defensive building is where you want to target the wall breakers). Remember wall breakers go for the nearest wall segment on a closed box with a building in it. Once the hole is in place, the Golems should sense the hole and dive that spot. Wait a second.
    4. KHC. Now drop your KHC team (just King and Q in the BDFT) on the attack line. They should dive the hold. Immediately behind drop your wall breakers (2) that remain. They should get to inner wall as the BDFT should have most defenses tied up.
    5. Jump / Light. Drop the Jump to enable final access to the mid position and ideally the Q (if not already taken out). Assuming you didn’t TDCK earlier, drop the light as CC approaches (key is killing witches if any; light the backside of the CC group).
    6. Once the Inferno’s lock on or will lock on in moments, deploy hogs. Immediately.
  2. Ho —
    1. Deploy — As BDFT is close to killing the Q and CC AND is getting fried by inferno towers (saturating them), start your hog deployment off the flanks of that attack. Note the word “AS”. You need to time this as leveraging the distract of the Skinny BDFT is key for the hogs succeeding. Wait to long and the Skinny BDFT will die and so will your attack.
    2. Heal is similar to TH8. You should be prepared to drop the heals on the two largest AoE risks in hog run. Probably this will be PAST the Skinny BDFT team as they should be sucking up a ton of fire for your hogs. So look at Wizard Towers, Giant Bomb locations, etc. past the mid point. Lastly, cast forward. Cast forward! I say again CAST FORWARD!!!
  3. RESERVE —
    1. You will not 3 star this but you should have (1) KHC working the mid if you didn’t dawdle on the hog deployment and (2) a couple archers for building cleaning in the wake of the hogs. So with that you should get 1 star and maybe 2 if KHC gets to TH behind Skinny BDFT. The archers mentioned above (2 or 7) are your reserve here..


  • Enemy CC — You don’t have much shooting up besides Q and 4 wizards in Skinny BDFT group. So be patient with the lightning (let it group). Dragon/Hound isn’t a concern. Wizards or light troops you miss with lightning are.
  • Enemy Q — If your Skinny BDFT team doesn’t get Q on the way to mid could weaken hogs. However since you are going for two you can ignore Q that are on the opposite side of the base from your attack line to the Q.
  • Skinny BDFT Pathing — You don’t care where the Skinny BDFT goes as long as they stay in the shot range of the 2 Inferno Twoers. BDFT attacks fail when you can’t control their pathing (if they spread; you are dead).



  • None at this time

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