Spice Up Your Name in Clash of Clans

With the recent update we got the ability to change our Clash of Clans village name. So for those of you looking for a refresh consider using Unicode Diacritical Marks. Say what? In short, for what you would care about, it means this:

Diacritical marks lets you put a limited set of letters above a normal letter.

Why does it matter because it lets you do stuff like this:


A fun way to jazz up your name but keep the legacy of the old one alive I think. Warning, I it renders a little differently on Android. In short, each combination letter (letter w/ letter above it) you create will render good on iOS but on Android become a diamond with a question mark in it like this:


So up to you if that works for you.

Here is how Agony from JTJ (now ‘avoid’ agony — how funny is that) showed me how to do it.

  1. Goto http://wordunscrambler.com/ and key in “aeioucdhmrtvx”. Hit start. It will show you all possible words from those letters. You put in those letters as those are the Diacritical Marks tied to letters (I told you it was a limited set – LOL).
  2. Pick a word you want to put above your name.
  3. Download a Unicode Character Map app on your device. I downloaded “CharacterMap”. Fire that up and search on “Combining” (will filter to symbols that you want).
  4. Open up notepad. Key the first letter you want at the bottom (i.e. in my name its “W”). Note if you have letters that have a part above the 1/2 way mark (like “h” in mine) you probably want to make your name all uppercase. This way the small word from diacritical Unicode will be on a level line.
  5. Now go to the Unicode map app and click on the diacritical mark you want to put over it (like I clicked on “t” for my like ‘the’ WRYHORN example).
  6. Now go back to notepad and paste that letter after the first letter (mine was “W” remember?).
  7. Repeat this process for the rest of the letters. If you have more top (small; diacritical) letters than the bottom ones just put a period or something on the bottom (haven’t tried this).
  8. Once done, copy this ‘combined’ word to your clipboard.
  9. Now go to /Settings/General/Keyboards/Shortcuts. Create a shortcut called something (I called my tests ‘uniwry1’) and then past the word in the phrase area. Save
  10. Now go to clan chat and type in the shortcut (i.e. uniwry1) and get a chuckle.
  11. If you like it and are ready to commit, just change your Village name in the app and at the field where it asks for your new name put in the shortcut — then make sure it replaces it with the combined word — then hit o.k.

Let me know what cool combinations you come up with are.

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