superSUNDAY is where JTJ Clans and the 40+ JTJU Affiliate Clans can stream their best attackers/attacks (live when available, replay if not) during the closing hours of their wars that end each Sunday.  Goal is a rapid fire review of live attacks or completed attacks of note.

** New as of 11/8/15 ** As an added bonus we now post the footage to JTJU with a link to a PDF that shows ALL attacks (over all superSUNDAYs) by attacker.  In this way your great attackers that constantly show replays on superSUNDAY can build a playlist of their attacks over time.  Should be interesting.  Sample of that here –>


  • Start time — Approximately 3 p.m. CST
  • Who can participate — JTJ Clans are in by default (Main, 2, 3, 4).  Affiliate clans are also welcome to join in.
  • Show chat channels — We will use JTJ’s Mumble server @  In that, we will setup a main show channel (for Wryhorn and fellow commentators by participating clan, if any).   Participating clans can get into existing sub-channels by clan or just talk in main.
    • Having trouble connecting to Mumble?   If you can’t connect, it might be your DNS so try to use the raw IP in the server field of mumble instead of the domain.  To get the raw IP, just do a reverse lookup what the IP is for at a site like
  • Attacks shown — Will be a mix of replay review and live attacks.  If its a replay it should be a solid 3 star and/or a miss we can learn from.  Probably most of the focus will be on TH8 and above (light TH7 coverage).
  • Show URL
  • How to get your attack in the show — To get your live attack into queue you would either:
    • Use your representative — If you have one, tell your clan rep that is in the mumble show channel with Wry.  Usually you would talk w/ your rep via your clan chat.  You need to tell him what you got (live/reply) and its keys (base, type of attack, notables).
    • Post a notice on the chat channel —  Something like “Hey Wry, JTJ2 has a live attack ready to go!  XYZ hitting Base #”.   Include attacker and base number so I can look at the base when I get there.  Keep re-posting so I see it.
  • What a Representative Does In Show — If your clan has someone willing to hang with Wry in Mumble AND can deal w/ two voices in their heads (Mumble will be real time comments while will lag 30-40 seconds) — this is how they can help:
    1. Get in the show’s Mumble channel — They would volunteer to join Wry in the show channel in Mumble.
    2. Represent their clans content — During the show they monitor their clan chat and tell wry when a live attack is ready in their clan.  Similar to the voice in the ear of reporters queuing them on what to focus on and/or transition to.  The twitch audience will hear you though — so keep it PG LOL.
    3. Banter with Wry during live attacks in their clan — So usually the representatives can’t see what Wry sees in sync (the twitch stream will lag 30 seconds).  However, during live attacks in their clan they will see what Wry sees at the same time if they watch the attack in the game w/ Wry.  So, great opportunity for them to banter with Wry during live attacks.  A co-commentator if you will.
    4. Poke Wry about comments in — If you see comments running by in Twitch.TV that Wry is missing — poke him.
    5. Interact w/ the Twitch.TV audience — Alot is going on during a stream.  If you can be active on chat on Twitch.TV that would be a great help.   Ask people how they might of beat a base or weaknesses they saw — then you can comment on that in the live chat channel.  Or if people are asking questions you can bring it up (or prompt like saying “Anyone have questions for Wry?”) and relay what is asked.
  • Affiliates Lower Your Cup Filters — If you are in a clan that we don’t have an embedded JTJ reporter (Trench, etc.) include your clan tag and lower your cup filters for your clan
  • How to Recommend Replays — First off — live attacks will take priority on superSUNDAY but if you know of a great replay post it on the NATION.  Before each superSUNDAY, there will be a post created (as a notice) in NATION for you to log great attacks the show should take a look at (1 recommendation per comment).  Include clan, attacker, base attacked (#), TH level, attack type, and why its awesome.

Look forward to seeing you ‘live’ on the field of battle.

– Wry

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