TDCK, GoWiWi, GiHo Surgical


Editors Note: Don’t get our slang? Check out our dictionary HERE.


When facing TH9 bases that have a asymmetrical (not symmetrical on 2 axis; single axis symmetry is asymmetrical in our book) AoE defense (Wizard Towers primarily) and a semi-spread (multiple 2×2, 2×4 gaps) base, you might want to consider “TDCK, GoWiWi, GiHo Surgical” or one of its variants (see below) as an attack option.

The attacks is based on a heavy meat shield (3 golems), that drive to mid sucking in fire from the edges which then enables small “surgical” hog teams to push in on the distracted defense (or leverage a giant vanguard for distract instead). Unlike typical hog attacks, 2 of the spells are allocated away from heal. One is used for Jump to get the GoWiWi forces pathing through the risk (to hog) areas of the base and to mid. The other is used for rage to enable that same team to tear up the mid once it gets there (and/or take out the CC if the non-TDCK flavors of this attack shown below are used).

That’s said, lets dig into the attack.


  • JTJ Name: TDCK, GoWiWi, GiHo Surgical
  • JTJ Name Breakdown:
    • TDCK (aka w.TDCK) — This prefix to the name is left off typically but the formal name (which notates each phase of an attack) would include it. Refers to the CC Kill (doing it outside the wall. The ‘w’ means a cc212 is the core of the cc killing force).
    • GoWiWi — Golem Witch Wizards. The core of the attack. Heavy on golems (3 in this case) and Witches. Wizards are used to augment the TDCK team and cut pathing on flanks of initial GoWiWi deploy.
    • GiHo Surgical — This is the SWAT team of the attack. They flank in on on the distracted edge defenses that should be shooting into the team in the mid. “GiHo” refers to having a vanguard giant for the first two attack flanks that the hog teams deploy on. Surgical refers to how, within an attack flank, hogs are dropped in small teams of 1-3 at unique drop points targeting specific buildings similar to Lava Loon attacks. Usually a flank involves 2-3 defensive buildings.
  • Alias(es):
    • JTJU Full Name (all phases) — w.TDCK, GoWiWi, GiHo Surgical
    • Other JTJU Variants (full details later)
      • GoWiWi, GiHo Surgical (no TDCK, double Jump is optional vs using 4 wb)
      • GoWi, GiHo Surgical (no TDCK, drops the witches, goes with more wizards instead)
    • Other names in the wild — Surgical Hogs, GiHo
    • Simple name (belongs in this family) — GoHo


  • TROOP LEVEL(S): While this depends to some extent on the level base you are attacking, you generally will need –
    • All — Max Hogs (Level 5), Max Golems (Leve4, Level 5 in CC)
    • Target Base TH9 Entry, Mid — Might get away with ~ 15/15 heros
    • Target Base TH9 Max — ~ 20/20 + heros advised


JTJ is working on a decision tree of base attributes that leads you to the ‘recommended’ attack for that type of base. You can read about it more HERE. Summarized below is the logic (base attributes) that lead to using this type of attack. Note, tree logic changes all the time so you should ask on JTJU’s NATION for current logic if you try this attack based on what looks to be matching base but it fails.

  • Base Level – TH9
  • Tree Logic (Raw Form; as of 06/14/15) –
    • Is target base have asymmetrical (not symmetrical on 2 axis; single axis symmetry is asymmetrical in our book), clustered AoE defenses? (YES)
    • Can you get GoWiWi to mid and into distract position, while disabling majority of DGB positions, with 2 wall breaker teams and a jump? (YES)


TDCK, GoWiWi, GiHo Surgical


GoWiWi, GiHo Surgical (double Jump)


GoWi, GiHo Surgical #1


GoWi, GiHo Surgical #2



Shows below is the units used in the “TDCK, GoWiWi, GiHo Surgical” attack. Also listed are two other flavors you might want to consider. The second mix listed (left to right) is “GoWiWi, GiHo Surgical” which deals w/ the CC in the walls (and optionally uses two jumps which you can do IF the AoE risks can be dealt w/ via one heal). Lastly, the rightmost column is “GoWi, GiHo Surgical” which is where deal w/ the CC in the walls (via Rage) and use more hogs and wizards in exchange for dropping witches from the mix. We prefer the TDCK witches mix at this time (as of 06/14/15) if possible — but the other variants are viable based on base.


Here is a full breakdown of how the units are used in the “TDCK, GoWiWi, GiHo Surgical” style by phase/sub-phase of the attack.



  • Time — All three stars of this style of attack seem to end in the with 0-15 seconds on the clock (so get your stress toys out). Joking aside, that means expediting (w/o rushing) the deployment steps is key. There is little time to waste.
  • Not Leveraging Distracts — With small hog teams of 1 to 3 you will be hammering on a given defense longer. You can’t just power through and heal. You need meat shields (Golems, Giants, King, maybe a mass of witch skeletons) to be taking fire.
  • Not Mitigating DGB — Pre-attack planning needs to really ponder the pathing risk points (where hogs might traverse a 2×4 space that two giant bombs could be. Once identified, we need the GoWiWi phase to travel (and mitigate/disable) most of these for hog teams.



  • None at this time

4 thoughts on “TDCK, GoWiWi, GiHo Surgical”

  1. Unit list by attack phase doesn’t line up with the roster. Talks about dropping cc223, but cc is a golem. Also needs an update covering 2Po.TDCK.


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