Video Recording Setup

A lot of people ask me about my video recording setup so here it is.  I’m no pro but, over time, this is what I have settled on.  Note, it is focused on an IOS iPAD talking to a windows laptop.  If you are iOS all the way check Appendix B.

Step 1 – Get Attack footage (raw)

    • I run clash in an emulated device on my laptop so I can just record the screen at max resolution.  See Appendix A at the bottom of this article for details on the emulator I use (Genymotion) but others are viable (i.e. BlueStacks).  If you are an apple desktop person you have other options that might be easier.
    • If you want to markup as you go through attacks, use something like EpicPen.  Then as you record footage markup the video.  This takes a little practice but works.
    • To record the screen I used “Camtasia Recorder” but any screen capture product works.  You just want the video in highest detail possible at this point.

Step 2 – Post Process footage

    • If you want to get a bit more fancy (intro, close, adding graphics at specific time, audio, editing, margining multiple attack videos, etc.) look at a Video Studio product.  I use Camtasia Studio.  Works pretty good.
    • If you want to create cool graphics, I use powerpoint + snagit + GIMP.  GIMP is to create the transparent gifs that are stacked/placed/positioned in powerpoint.  SnagIt captures the final ‘look’ from powerpoint.  I know that I could do all that from GIMP but I like messing with the pieces in powerpoint (feels faster).

Step 3 – Produce Video

    • I usually produce to YouTube so we are talking MP4 at 1080p with dimensions of 1280×720.  This provides a video that fills the wide box layout on youtube.

Hope it helps.

– Wry


So, there was some conversation on how to record your screen today and Dangelous shared w/ me a nice way that isn’t too hard (after I worked out the kinks).  Here it is in short:

  1. Download Genymotion (free version) – This loads a vbox based app to your desktop that has prebuilt emulators for various android devices.  You might need to reboot for this to work (it loads a network bridge to the vbox; messes w/ your internet connection till reboot).
  2. Create a new device using type “Google Nexus 10 4.3”
  3. Launch that
  4. Then you need to patch it to install google app store
    —- this page tells you how –>
    —- basically you download an ARM translator on your desktop then drag/drop it on the android window; then it will ask if you want to flash; you say yes; then its says to reboot so you (1) hit the power icon and then wait a sec then (2) ‘x’ out of the android window all the way; restart the android app; Then you download the 4.3 GApps file and do those steps again.
  5. At this point if you go into the google store you should be able to get clash of clans app installed.  Then you are off to the races — go through tutorial, link the clash app to your gmail account; then in clash hit setting link new device and do same on current to get code to connect them.  Done.
  6. Now you can record the clash replays by your choice of windows screen recorders (FRAPS, etc.).


  • Markup – Skitch.  Per Pinchon, JTJU NATION member, If you like to draw on screenshots using your iPad, I highly recommend Skitch. It is free, there are no ads, it doesn’t add watermarks or ads to your drawings, and the tools are really handy. You can select and delete each mark that you make individually, resize and recolor things, draw arrows, add text, and a bunch of other cool stuff.

9 thoughts on “Video Recording Setup”

  1. Updates as of 2015-10-24:

    VirtualBox might not install properly in Windows 10. Install the most recent version separately from Genymotion if it doesn’t work initially. If you encounter error similar to “Failed to create extraction path ‘C:\Users\jeremy\AppData\Local\Temp\VirtualBox’: VERR_ALREADY_EXISTS”
    Check C:\Users\jeremy\AppData\Local\Temp. There should be a text file, which name is exactly ‘VirtualBox’.
    Delete it and the installer will perform installation correctly.



  2. I used Nexus 10 5.1.0 instead of Nexus 10 4.3. Updated patch instructions at, see comments for updated 5.1 link:

    Thanks for all your work Wryhorn! Looking foward to the release of the decision tree, I’m an engineering grad student so I enjoy algorithms.

    th8.1 in Attack||Gone. Clan is good at drags and goWiPe, I want to expand our repertoire of hog combos. This tutorial was very helpful in setting up infrastructure to record template attacks & analysis!


  3. final comment: A lot of the free screen capture solutions out there take too much resources and cause the emulator to lag (ezvid) or give output files that are ridiculously large and don’t work (CamStudio). OpenBroadcaster has performed excellently for screen capture.

    Thanks to Wryhorn our clan has a youtube channel now! See us at


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