Welcome To JTJ

You’ve either been offered a tryout for JTJ in our tryout clan (JTJ3) or have been granted a special exception for a tryout directly in the Main. Welcome! And congrats!

As you know, we take war seriously. And we’re sure you do as well. But most importantly, we’re all here to get just a little bit better at the game of Clash of Clans.

It’s never easy joining a new clan so we’d like to make your indoctrination to JTJ as easy as possible. There’s a lot of information on our website, but here are a few things you need to do ASAP:

  1. Join Clash Track (https://www.clashtrack.com) and then request to join JTJ3 or JTJ (depending upon where you are conducting your tryout). You will need a password which you’ll find in the JTJ Main channel in Band (see below). We use Clash Track to manage our wars, like letting you know which bases you are eligible to attack and allowing you to call those bases. Until you join us on Clash Track, you aren’t eligible to be in war.
  2. Join JTJU Nation on Band, which is a communication tool we use outside of in-game chat to discuss attack strategies, get feedback on attacks, learn new tactics, and discuss our war strategy.  Details here  (How to subscribe to JTJU NATION on BAND)
  3. Once you are on JTJU Nation, send a private message to Lamar/DK/Lemur (JTJ3 Leader) or Amagnus (JTJ’s Leader) to let him know you’re there. You will then be sent a link to our private Band for JTJ3 or JTJ Main members only. Until you join this Band, you are not eligible to be in war. Each war you will find a post created to discuss details.
  4. Read our rules. Keep in mind that war strategy can change from war to war, which is discussed in our private Band.
  5. Understand our war flow. The most recent flow can be found in the JTJ Main private Band channel. We understand terms like salt and boot might sound confusing. But it’s part of the secret sauce that has made JTJ a winning clan. The war flow for JTJ3 is a bit more relaxed and will be explained by their leadership.
  6. Understand the Salt-Boot process. As a new member tryout out, you will be a Boot. Click here so you can understand what we are talking about.
  7. Become familiar with our slang. This is usually the most confusing part of joining JTJ. DON’T WORRY. It will become second nature quickly.
  8. Put up your war base and get feedback. Many people come to JTJ with war bases in need of significant changes. We have a few members who really excel in this area and would be happy to provide you with input.
  9. Join our dojo. Yes, dojo! We have one established for TH9s and a separate one for TH10s/11s where advanced war attacks are taught and practiced.
  10. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask questions. We’re glad you made the decision to join JTJ and there are many people who will help you learn your way around the clan.
  11. Have fun! After all, in the end this is a game. We’re all here to get just a little bit better, and have a good time while doing it. Be respectful of others and don’t forget we’re family friendly.