JTJ Achievements

Editors Note:  Don’t get our slang?  Check out our dictionary HERE.

 Clan Wars

Highest 50v50 Score 145 vs. Greener Pastures on 11/21/14
Highest 45v45 Score125 vs. FamilyKlan on 08/09/14
Highest 40v40 Score120 vs. Korea on 05/08/15 ** perfect **
Highest 35v35 Score105 vs. black_trial on 02/17/16 ** perfect **
Longest Win Streak32 (11/23/15 to 02/12/16)
Most Bleeds in a war11 by JennBenn as a TH7 (07/2014)

Perfect War(s)

#1 — 05/08/15 vs. Korea – 120 to 30 (40v40).   Required 71 of 80 attacks.

#2 — 02/17/16 vs. black_trial – 105 to 47 (35v35).   Had TH11 (1) they had none.  Even on TH10 (1/1).  Nuke waterfall from there.  Most notable only required 48 attacks (out of 70; about 3 scouts).


Attack Mentors / Coaches

(A shout out to those clashers that brought, implemented, and/or  demonstrated notable, new style(s) to JTJ)

Whooboy1 – 813 Trident Dragoon
Rokthar – 99 Dragoon
Colonel Mustard – Hog21
Agony –  Tri LavaLoon — AND — GoVa, sLo
ABoy2.0Surgical Hog

MJP35 – GoWiWi Ho! (TH10 default attack on TH9)

Opse2013 Queen Dive, Tri

Trophy Records

Individual Highest Cups3216 – Wryhorn (just did it for fun; we don’t do cup chasing in JTJ)
Clan Highest Cups – TBD  (we haven’t done cup pushes to date)
Clan Highest Rank – TBD  (we haven’t done cup pushes to date)

2 week Season Records

Most Troops DonatedTBD
Most Gold RaidedTBD
Most Exilir RaidedTBD
Most Dark Exilir RaidedTBD

Note, to compete for 2 week season records you have to get a 3rd party to validate your ‘starting’ value (from your achievements page) and then we can calculate at end.

One Time Records

First to speak the secret word embedded on jtjclan.com – NoNaMe on 06/14/15 (3 months after setup — LOL).

Hope it helps.  If you think other records/hero’s should be listed let me know.

– Wry

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