The “Salty Boot” War Party Creation Process


Editors Note:  Don’t get our slang?  Check out our dictionary HERE.

Why Do We Need A War Party Creation Process?

The goal of war party creation, in most clans, is simple.  Get to a number that is a multiple of “5”.  Right?  LOL.  However, if your clan is more interested in win/loss record than maximizing participation of everyone (ala JTJ) you may want to consider a more structured approach that doesn’t focus on a multiple of “5”.  Instead, you should consider a war party creation process that focus, by TH, on:

  1. Balance of Experience.  Balance of seasoned clashers (we call them SALTs) and more limited ones (we call them BOOTs).  If you come in with too many in-experienced clashers at a level and you run into a clan w/ a large chunk of max bases at that level, you are going to be toast.
  2. Balance of Core Attacks.   God forbid you roll into a war with a TH9 group that is awesome in LavaLoon but can’t do Golem/Hog — BUT — the enemy is setup with bases that are strong against LavaLoon.  Uh oh.

In JTJ we have been using salty boot since 04/2015 and have a record of 24 and 1 through our war on 06/12/2015 with one perfect war (our first) during that time.   Seems to be working (win:loss ratio prior salty boot was around 10:1).

O.k.  What’s the Process?

The Setup Leader (Clan Leader or Co-Leader) will go through the following steps to create a war party for a war:

  1. Click “Start War”.   Brings you to the in/out picking page (which clashers will be in the war).
  2. Review Salt/Boot Ratios.
    1. TH10.  Using the stat page as a guide the setup leader will opt out any TH10 Boots (group shown on stat page).  The process for opting out TH10 Boots will be trying to narrow down to a 3:2 ratio (but no higher than 1:1) of Salt to Boot clashers.   A factor in which Boot Clashers are opt’ed out will be balancing attack types represented in TH10 group overall (as Boots are Boots due to their limited attack repertoire.  Another factor considered will be Boots who we opt’ed out of a prior war (will try to share war slots around).
    2. TH9.  Just like TH10 but focused on TH9 group.
    3. TH8.  Just like TH9 but focused on TH8.
    4. TH7.  Only Salt TH7 clashers will be left in war.  Boot TH7 will not be pulled into war.
    5. TH6 or lower.  Bench.  Not pulled into war.
  3. Need to prune to Multiple of 5?   Check how many clashers are ‘active’ (not opted out; we don’t activate opt’d out players typically) and determine how many we have to still bench to ROUND DOWN to nearest increment of five.  If need to reduce we either (a) bench any clashers that didn’t get in attacks in prior war (2) bench any 10.1, 9.1, or 8.1 clashers — in short — those brand new to that TH level or (b) go back to step 2.  Note if its easier to opt someone ‘in’ that was out and reasonable risk we might do that.  If that happens and you were the ‘activated’ clasher, the war party leader has assumed you won’t attack so don’t worry about attacking (optional).

In this way, the war party will have reasonable coverage in each TH level as the total Salt attacks in a TH level should (unless its badly mismatched) be able to cover the enemy war bases in their TH level on their own.  Any max bases the Boots close are a plus; Boots should have some closes off entry and mid level bases of the enemy for sure.  In addition, the war party will be balanced — having semi equal measure of clashers capable of exploiting ground and air defense bases.

We may adjust the Salt:Boot ratio but in some form I suspect this is how we will pick war parties going forward.

What does this mean?

  • Wars could be smaller.  War size is tied to number of Salt Clashers NOT clan size.  So if you take on (or a number of clashers upgraded) your war size will plummet.
  • Less Wars for Boots. Boot Clashers will not participate in every war.  We will try to spread out the war ‘at bats’ between Boots but numbers will drive this.
  • Incentive for Boots to Upgrade Offense ASAP.  Once you have the troops at the levels targeted, you would be shifted to the Salt group — and thereby get included in every war by default (unless you opt out).

Hope it helps.


5 thoughts on “The “Salty Boot” War Party Creation Process”

  1. Hey I know your “retired” but I’d love to pick your brain on this further. Or Amagnus… Using my understanding of this system got us a 44 win streak. We lost, I must refine 😉


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