JTJ uses quite a bit of slang in clan chat (which bleeds over into JTJU videos).  So if you are curious what the heck is being said, this lexicon might be of assistance.



CC Fill Requests:
— D
— 4Lo
— WiA (aka 21a)
— WiB (aka 21b)
— DLo
— Go
— La
— WiWizA* (aka 212a)
— WiWizB* (aka 212b)
— GoWizA
— LaLo
— WiWizA* (aka 223a)
— WiWizB* (aka 223b)
— 1 Dragon
— 4 Loons (Balloons)
— 2 Witch, 1 Arch
— 2 Witch, 1 Barb
— 1 Dragon, 1 Loon
— 1 Gol
— 1 Lava Hound
— 2 Witch, 1 Wiz, 2 Arch
— 2 Witch, 1 Wiz, 2 Barb
— 1 Gol, 1 Wiz, and 1 Arch
— 1 Lava Hound, Loon
— 2 Witch, 2 Wiz, 3 Arch
— 2 Witch, 2 Wiz, 3 Barb

* With WiWizA and WiWizB the size of the CC tells you if its 212 or 223.
** note if the requests above are prefixed with a “CW” that means its for clan wars and should be max and should be priority fill. “Non-CW” prefix explicitly tells you that the request is for raiding. **
12, 1230, 130, etc. When you hear numbers that sound like times on a clock we are talking about the line of attack. Picture a clock centered on the middle of the base. Now image where the big hand would point if I said ‘230’. That is the attack line. A quick way to tell people where you are talking about on a target base.  Typically we only use hour and half hour (close enough – LOL).
105 Dragoon Attack Strategy — 105 Refers to TH8 Dragoon mix (10 Drags, 5 Loons).  For TH7 this drops to 104 (one less balloon) but attack is the same.
Suffix used in attack to indicate deployment being non-surgical (i.e. deploy hogs using two fingers — touch and hold — 2Spot). Ideal is surgical.
Suffix used in attack to indicate when a lightning gets the primary target and a something else key to attack success. 2Dip is target+1, 3Dip target+2, etc.
2LQ, 105R Attack Strategy — 2lq refers to how you get AD down. Then 105 goes after 2 AD cluster with 10 Drags and Rage (r) on loons from CC.
2LQ, 11He Attack Strategy — 2lq refers to how you get AD down via spells. Then 11 drags goes after 2 AD cluster remaining with and Heal (he) on drags.
11 Light Attack Strategy — 11 refers to the number of Dragons
2LQ Refers to two lightning spells followed by an earthquake typically to take down an AD with one less spell slot (vs 3 light). Also known, in long form, as zapQuake in the community usually talking about a type of attack. We don’t refer to attacks like this as we are more specific in attack names (there are 3 types of 2lq/zapQuake at TH8 for example). Plus it fits our spell shorthand used in attack names.
2×4 Referring to the space a double giant bomb takes up on a base (GB is 2×2, side by side its 2×4)
813 Dragoon Attack Strategy — 813 Refers to TH8 Dragoon mix (8 Drags, 13 Loons) with 3 lightning to take out AD.   For TH7 this drops to 812 (one less balloon) but attack is the same. Max TH8 clashers tend to use 2lq 813r (which uses zapquake to increase spell efficiency)
99 Dragoon Attack Strategy — 99 Refers to TH8 Dragoon mix (9 Drags, 9 Loons)
a archer
AD Air Defense
AD Broadside Where 2 Air Defense (AD) are close enough together (8 tiles center to center or less) to allow 1 drag force to attack both AND be healed by 1 spell while doing that.
AD###, AD####, AD*# Refers to the levels of Air Defense (each # is one AD). So AD666 is max AD at TH8. AD665 is max but one @ TH8. Could be AD7777 for TH9/10. If all four AD’s are same level sometimes we put AD*# as its shorter (saves space on clashcaller where we type this usually).
AOE Area of Effect — Referring to things that do splash damage (wTwrs, Mortars, air mines, bombs, etc).
AS Air Sweeper (AS). That pesky red thing that looks like a shop-vac in a cage on your war map. Yes that one.
atwr Archer Tower
b barbarian
Backside AD The AD which is furthest away from the main attack point (usually hit last via some form of sniper force)
bleed. Refers to defense stat that JTJ tracks. Each time your base is attacked is a bleed. So if you took 3 attacks to get 3 starred you would get 3 bleeds.
Boot BOOTs (military term for new recruits) are clashers that are either (1) not offensively strong enough yet to target mid to upper enemy war bases in their TH level and/or (2) have gaps in their units/spells/abilities that limit the attack types they can do. All TH levels have a BOOT group. It has nothing to do with being potentially released (LOL).
c2c Center to Center. Talking about how many tiles between building mid points. Example if two 3×3 buildings are touching they would be 3 c2c apart.
CC Clan Castle. Could be referring to your clan castle on your village or war map — OR — talking about the enemy clan castle troops on the enemy village / war base. Should be able to infer from usage
Circle C Hog deployment style used in naming. Notates where hogs move around the base (usually with a team in mid distracting defenses). No reinforcement of the hogs as they go (that would be “Reinforced C” – that is the preferred of the two.
clashCOOLER A gathering on the clan’s voice server (mumble as of 11/15/15) where options on how to attack a target base in clan war are discussed. is used to real time collaborative markup on a base image. Plus some social banter as well go along. Sounds like an office water cooler doesn’t it?
Closer Stars Closer Stars are allocated to the clasher that gets the final stars on an enemy base in clan wars FIRST.  This clasher gets all the stars (up to 3).  This stat is used to show which clashers are really driving score in CW (as if you don’t post final stars its moot).   As with all JTJ Stats, we track them over an 8 week JTJ season and sort by TH.  All stats are tracked in our Stat Page
cw Clan War
(i.e. GiDistract, LoDistract)
A modifier in attack naming to indicate high health units were used to tie up a set of defenses before sending in higher DPS (but lower health) attacking units. Example might be sending in a giant before a small team of a hogs.
DGB. Double Giant Bomb. Referring to how you want to setup your giant bombs to kill hogs (such that hogs will run through both at same time).
Duo LavaLoon
(a.k.a Duo)
Attack Strategy — Refers to 2 Hounds and Loon Backers
Entry & Mid TH9.
(a.k.a. TH9.1, TH9.5)
This refers to the concept of breaking a TH9 base into tiers. Tier1 (entry) is basically a brand new TH9. Mid TH9 is where ADs have been upgraded to around 7766 or less (#’s being the levels of each defensive building), xBows to 22 or less, and Wizard Towers to 7766 or less.
Entry & Mid TH8
(a.k.a. TH8.1, TH8.5)
This refers to the concept of breaking a TH8 base into tiers. Tier1 (entry) is basically a brand new TH8. Mid TH8 is where 1-2 ADs have been upgraded as well as 1-2 Wizard Towers (but not all of either).
eColl exilir collector
eStore exilir storage

(a.k.a 4Q)

Refers to the use of 4 Earthquake spells to open up multiple compartments on a base. 4Q might also be used but EQ is used (in caps) for more clarity on what you are doing w/ the 4Q.
F Shorthand for Freeze spell.
Free for All (FFA) IF [Attacks Remaining in a TH Level] / [Bases in a TH Level] is > 300% we say that TH Level has an EXCESS of attacks.  During periods of EXCESS, clashers in TH Levels with the surplus can ignore call order on  Instead they can attack at will.  This is done to prevent log jams forming.  TH# – HOLD calls can be ignored at that level as well.  If/when the period of EXCESS passes (ratio goes below 300%) rules are reinstated.
Fork Modifier for attack names that tells you that phase of the attack is planned to split. Usually this is done to clear the outside of the base in a 180 degree arc so that a later phase (like Hogs) can drive the middle that is typically defended by a non-defensive building ring (or gaps).
Gi Giant
Gol Golem
gStore gold storage
gMine gold mine
gutshot Referring to the drags pathing to a point right between 2 ADs and attacking both from there (enables single heal spell for both attack points)
Ha Refers to the haste spell (Ha is the first two letters, versus He for heal).
The main stat used in JTJ as of 11/11/2015. It is based on this formula — THE HATE FACTOR = CLOSER STARS + HOLDS + (BLEEDS/2 – 1) + NUKED
Hog 21 Mass hog attack at TH8 (no golem).  The 21 refers to CC @ TH8, 2 witches + 1 barb.
Hog Run(s) Measures how many defensive buildings hogs can hit in a row without going through a risk point (i.e. spring trap, bomb, gb, etc). Spring trap gaps in run subtract 1, GB gaps end runs.
Hold Refers to stat JTJ tracks around defenses. Hold is how many stars are left on a base that was attacked at end of war. 2 stars left = 2, 3 = 3, 1=1, etc.
iTwr, iT Inferno Tower
iT##, iT##s, iT##m, iT#s#m Refers to the levels of Inferno Towers (each # is one Inferno Tower). So iT33 is maxed. iT32 is all max but one. Sometimes we will add a “s” and/or “m” suffix to indicate how iT are set (single/multi). So if someone has both on multi you would see iT33m. Both on single — iT33s. One of each — iT3s3m.
a.k.a. Immortal Queen
a.k.a. Queen Walk
Refers to the immortal queen opening where the Queen (backed by 3-4 healers) walks along the edge of a base taking out key aspects for the subsequent main attack. It’s also referred to as queen walk but called iQ in JTJ for brevity in the attack names.
J Refers to the Jump spell.
JSplit Refers to an attack opening were the K and Q attack separate points (K uses the Jump) typically to either get down 2 ADs or 3-4 AoE placements (like 2 mortars, 1 Wizard Tower).
(a.k.a. Kill Squad)
Refers to the use of the King and Queen plus a few backers (usually 3-4 wizards) to take out the enemy queen. In attack names if this is proceeds by something like 2Go that is the meat shield in front.
L Refers to the lightning spell.
LaLoonion Attack Strategy — Refers to 2 Hounds and Loon + Minion Backers

(aka LavaLoon)

Lava Loon (LL) Attack Strategy — There are multiple types of Lava Loon attack at TH9 mostly revolving around how many hounds are involved (penta (5), Quattro (4), tri (3), LavaLoon (2)). We use LL in naming attacks as it takes up less space than writing Lava Loon out fully all the time.
Line Refers deployment style in attack name. Where you just tap, hold, and drag your finger across the map to deploy a group of units (typically hogs/loons) in a line. Similar to V deploy where you do that with two fingers (making a V).
Max Attack name modifier. Tells you that phase is getting the spells when the typical usages (for that style of attack) is another phase. This was created off Moskri’s “Max Attack” where he shifted spells from the hogs or loons in an attack (heals) and onto a distract team (i.e. 3Go KS) that is in mid to keep them alive and distracting so the Loons/Hogs that come later aren’t targeted as much.
MIA Missing in action. Refers to a clasher in clan war that doesn’t use both (or either) of their attacks
Moat Refers to bases that have a TH comparment in the middle that is surrounded by a channel of nothing (usually walled). Done to make it hard for attacking units to see a path to middle as shortest (next) hop point.
Multi Usually referring to Inferno tower setup for multi-target
NUKED This is a binary stat (1 or 0) that is tracked in our stats. If you are nuked in a war you get a 1 if not 0. Multiple nukes a value greater than 1. Used in calculation of the “HATE FACTOR”
P Refers to the Poison spell.
Penta LavaLoon Attack Strategy — Refers to 5 Hounds and Loon Backers
P Refers to the poison spell
Q Refers to the earthquake spell
Q Ignore Refers to ignoring the enemy queen in the attack. Usually attacks at TH9 try to get the Queen down (Hog and Loon based attacks) first.
Quattro LavaLoon.

(a.k.a Quattro)

Attack Strategy — Refers to 4 Hounds and Loon Backers
R Refers to the Rage spell.
Rolling C Attack modifier. Used with hog attacks. Tells you that the attack takes the form of a team getting into mid and sustaining there (like 2Go Wiz KS) distracting for a hog team that is usually 1Spot deployed (for the most part) off a flank of the mid team’s attack vector and then reinforced as it runs around the edge of the base (making a “C” path).
i.e. (s.RHe)
This suffix is added to some all of phases of long attack names. Looks like this:

— QWalk (Hlr.4; s.R), Tri LavaLoon (La.3; Lo.24; s.2HaFWFR).

That tells you Rage (R) was used in the queen walk phase and that 2 Hastes (2Ha), then a Freeze (F), the Warden Ability (W), then Freeze (F), then Rage (Rage) in Tri Lava Loon phase.  Full list of spell shorthand (like “R” for Rage) is outlined a bit later on the slang page — just scroll down.

Salt. Salts (military term for seasoned soldiers) are clashers that have the units and spells, at the right level, and historically have shown competency in the same to take on any base in the TH level. All TH levels from TH7 up have a Salt group.
Salt Line. In one base at each TH level will have this suffix. What it tells clashers is where they should focus their attacks (ideally; could be exceptions). So Salts at a given TH level hit at or above the line ideally till those bases are closed out. Boots at that same TH level would hit below.
Single Usually referring to Inferno tower setup for single-target
sLo Snipe with Loons
sHo Snipe with Hogs
Small Ball When a war is forecasted (using the JTJ modeling tool) to be tight and we have alot of open and/or 1* bases “Small Ball” might be declared. This means attackers should downshift in two ways. One, avoid attacks that are all (3*) or nothing (0*/1*). Examples of all or nothing attacks are surgical hogs, the hound series, etc. — basically any attack that has the TH going down last. Two, hit bases that are 0/1 starred in your town hall weight class FIRST. In this way we insure 2* coverage at which point more risky 3* attempts can happen.
Solo Tells you the K (or Q) was used to kill the enemy queen alone. Typically this is done if the Q is exposed to the point she can be pulled over wall to where K is and/or K can work through wall and get to Q prior to dying.
Speed Bump High health defensive building (storages, cc, pads, th) that placed in attack line will stall out attack force. Also called “buffers”
Spell Mix Shorthand: When we talk about attacks we often want to mention the spells used. Sometimes this is in the details, sometimes in the attack name itself. To say the most in the least amount of type we use these conventions. He-Heal, L-Lightning, R-Rage, J-Jump, F-Freeze, P-Poison, Ha-Haste, Eq-Earthquake, W-Warden Ability. If we use two of a spell in a row during attack with put a number before (like 3L for 813 Trident). The spell letters are listed/read in order of usage in the attack (like JL2H for a KH2, Ho attack at TH9).  Some examples:

  • 2LQ – 2 Lightning used in a row then earthquake
  • 3L – 3 Lightning used in a row
  • JL2He – Jump, Light, 2 Heals typically on KH2, Ho attacks.
  • 2HeR – Heal, Heal, Rage like on a typical 105
  • J3R – Jump, 3 Rages in a row like on KH#, Lava Loon attacks.
  • 3He – 3 Heals in a row like on a KH1, Ho attack at TH8
  • JLR2F – Jump, Light, Rage, 2 Freeze in a row like on a TH10 GoWiWi attack
  • etc.

Surgical-Fat(i.e. GoWiWi, GiHo Surgical)
An attack name suffix added to most Hog based attacks at TH9 to remind attackers the right style of deployment is small (1-3 hogs) per deployment spot (one spot usually ties to one initial defensive building targeted — similar to Loon attacks at TH9). This term is actually redundant if you think about it as it should be done in most hog attacks (it should be the rule; not the exception). So over time it might fade out. Surgical-Fat refers to attack that are surgical but were too heavy in # of hogs per team.
Squeeze An attack name modifier, typically used with Hogs or Loons, that tells you the deployment took the form of two flanks from opposite sides of the base collapsing on the core (i.e. from 3 and 9).

— (TH8 Witch CC kill)
— WiWiz.TDCK (witch/wiz kill)
— Lo.TDCK (loon kill)
— V.TDCK (valk kill)
— P.TDCK (poison kill)
— royals.TDCK(King/Queen kill)
— torture.TDCK(2Hlr+2A distract)

CC Kill Technique — Trigger, Drag, Cluster, Kill (TDCK).   Represents the steps of drawing out an enemy CC and killing it away from walls.  Often used in names of attacks as its a distinct step in some.   TDCK can be prefixed — WiWiz, (from cc), Lo, V, Royals, torture etc. — to indicate type of kill team recommended (but this is optional). We originally described killing CC as TDDCK — for Trigger, Drag, Distract, Circle Kill.  That is dated now as not all CC kills use distract and/or circle techniques (made the name more general).

(i.e. TH8.1, TH8.5, TH8.9; TH9.1, TH9.5, TH9.9; TH10.1, TH10.5, TH10.9)

This refers to the three tiers of upgrade these TH levels have TH#.1 is entry level bases (just upgraded). TH#.5 is mid level bases that are either fully upgraded on offense but not defenses — OR — 1/2 way upgraded on both. TH#.9 is a max level base for that level.

TH7 – HOLD,TH8 – HOLD,TH9 – HOLD,etc.

A “TH# – HOLD” call, tells everyone that they only TH level that should be attacking this base is a clasher at the TH Level equal to the number in the name of the HOLD. So if you say “TH8 – HOLD” that means only TH8 would hit that base. A suffix of “- RED” might be added to “TH# – HOLD” to indicate not to attack it yet but this is rare.If ‘FREE FOR ALL’ is called for a given level (as discussed in battle day guidelines) holds for that level can be ignored.
Tree; One Tree The tree refers to this document (aka One Tree). Called that as its a decision tree of yes/no answers (alone or in combination) leading to ideal, in theory, attack type based on base attributes.
TREE CHECK You might see this on clashcaller as a placeholder (Fake) attack. It is a marker that One Tree Stewards should compare successful three star footage versus attack recommended by One Tree (not the same).
Tri LavaLoon

(a.k.a Tri)

Attack Strategy — Refers to 3 Hounds and Loon Backers. Also known as LLL or LLLavaLoon
V Refers deployment style in attack name. Where you just tap, hold, and drag two fingers in a “V” pattern across the map to deploy a group of units (typically hogs/loons) in a two line formation. Similar to line deploy where you do that with one finger.
wb wall breaker
Wi Witch(es)
Wiz Wizard(s)
wT wizard tower
wT###, wT####, wT*# Refers to the levels of Wizard Towers (each # is one wT). So wT666 is max wT at TH8. wT665 is where all are max but one @ TH8. Could be wT7777 for TH9/10. If all four wT’s are same level sometimes we put wT*# as its shorter (saves space on clashcaller where we type this usually).
z, zap Refers to the lightning spell
xB###, xB##u, xB##d, xB#u#d Refers to the levels of X Bows (each # is one X Bow). So xB33 is maxed. xB32 is all max but one. Sometimes we will add a “u” and/or “d” suffix to indicate how xB are set (up/down). So if someone has both up you would see xB333u. Both down — xB333d. One up, 2 down — xB3u33d. Etc.

Dead Slang

GoWiPe Mini, sLo/sHo ** DEAD SLANG — REPLACE BY REVISED ATK SYNTAX (i.e. 1Go WiWizPe, sLo *** GoWiPe is what you think it is (Golem + Pekka attack). The mini suffix however refers to only using one golem at TH8 in the attack so that you have slots left over for a snipe action (sLo or sHo) on the backside. Basically a ‘mini’ version of the TH9 GoWiPe, sLo attack.
Go Rogue ** DEAD SLANG — NOT REPLACED ** IF [Attacks Remaining in a TH Level] / [Bases in a TH Level] is > 300% we say that TH Level has an EXCESS of attacks. During periods of EXCESS, clashers in TH Levels with the surplus can hit down into the TH Level below them without a TH# – HOLD (hence the “Go Rogue” label). Ideally the first to go ‘rogue’ are the boots (saving the Salt Clashers for the few remaining bases in the TH Level with EXCESS). If/when the period of EXCESS passes (ratio goes below 300%), clashers must once again have a TH# – HOLD call to hit into theTH Level below them.
KH (a.k.a K) ** DEAD SLANG — NOT REPLACED ** KH stands for King Henry alone (KH; no Q) in JTJ. We includeKH (no # suffix) in attack names to convey that King Henry will be used as a distract play at TH8.The, King Henry usage started in JTJ with TH9 attack naming — specifically attacks that leverage the King + others to take out enemy Queen. When the K+Q+others were used to take out Q a KHC (King Henry and his court) phase was included in the attack name. Given King Henry the VIII’s bias of killing Q’s we felt there was no better name for the action (and the man behind it). LOL.

Later, for consistency, we shifted to using “KH” to describe any attack phase/piece that is based on the king (C suffix is when the K is joined by Q and others to become a Q killing team — so “C” is dropped from KHC in TH8 attacks).

KHC# ** DEAD SLANG — REPLACED BY #Go KS **King Henry and his Court (KHC = King Henry plus his current love interest) with # Golems helping. The goal of this group is usually to get down the enemy Q (the old love interest; LOL) and, if a lava loon attack, certain amount of the enemy ADs.
BDFT ** DEAD SLANG — REPLACED BY 5Go ** Big Daddy Fire Team. Referring to the usage of 5 Golems to bum rush an Inferno Tower set to multi as 5 golems would saturate it (only has 5 attack threads). Puts out the fire. LOL.
bieber ** DEAD SLANG — NO REPLACEMENT ** When you whiff an attack – 0 stars – its a “Beiber”
CC21 (in an attack name/title) ** DEAD SLANG — REPLACED BY TDCK ** cc21 in an attack name indicates the kill technique recommended for the enemy CC (usually for TH8). At its core its based on a CC of 2 witches and a barb augmented by 2-3 barbs more and 2-3 wizards and a drag unit like an archer. Usage goes like this — archer to drag enemy CC to spot on map (trigger assumed done); once around 10 tiles from edge drop barbs about 5 tiles away; then drop cc 10 tiles (5 tiles back from barb line); then drop wizards in flanking position. If the enemy CC is a drag and you have a golem in your mix the deploy changes to drag to edge (closing to 0 tiles) using your barbs; then drop gol; then drop wiz on drag once it locks gol.
Hog k1233(cc2#) Go ** DEAD SLANG ** Replaced by attack syntax like this “TDCK, KH1, Ho” or similar (TDCK is simpler form of k1233). Was referring to an attack Strategy — Hog attack using k1233(cc2#) and Go shielding k1233 team before/after.
k1323; k1323(cc2#) Go; k1323(cc21); k1323(cc21); k1323(cc212); k1323(cc223) ** DEAD SLANG — REPLACED BY TDCK ** Used to refer to various forms of CC Kill Technique — TH8/9/10
Katie Perry ** DEAD SLANG — NO REPLACEMENT AS WE WERE SUED BY KATIE PERRY ** When you 3 star a base one level above you
KHC CC ** DEAD SLANG — Replaced by ‘khc.TDCK’ for consistency **Where King Henry and his Court (KHC; King plus the Queen) are used to take out enemy CC (usually part of Penta LavaLoon.
LLLavaLoon; LLL ** DEAD SLANG — Replaced by “TRI” ** Attack Strategy — Refers to 3 Hounds and Loon Backers. AKA Tri LavaLoon
Mulberry Bush ** DEAD SLANG — REPLACED BY NOTHING ** Referring to when something you want to get to (iTwr, AD, Tesla, etc) for a strat is protected by other buildings/channels that will path units away.
NUKE. ** DEAD SLANG — REPLACED BY “TH# – HOLD” to simplify/consolidate ** Referring to an attack that involves a clasher hitting down a Town Hall level (i.e. TH9 attacking TH8).
NUKE — RED.. ** DEAD SLANG — REPLACED BY “TH# – HOLD” to simplify/consolidate ** This is a call made by the Clan Leader during war on war bases that SHOULD NOT be attacked by ANY clashers at the war base’s TH level. In addition, the nukers (clashers one level up; i.e. TH10 looking at a NUKE–RED on a TH9) also have to wait till “NUKE–GREEN” is called. See below.
NUKE — GREEN ** DEAD SLANG — REPLACED BY “TH# – HOLD” to simplify/consolidate ** When you see “NUKE — Green” it means that clashers at that TH level CAN’T hit the base but clashers one level up (i.e. TH10 hitting TH9) can.
Spice Girls When you deploy 2-3 archers to take out a TH while the main attack happens elsewhere
TH7 HOLD ** DEAD SLANG — Pulled to simplify/consolidate to “TH# – HOLD” definition ** This is a call made by the Clan Leader during war on entry level TH8 bases. It indicates to TH8 clashers that the war base should not be attacked. Instead, a Salt Clasher from TH7 will hit up. This is viable as max TH7 Drag/Loons can take out a brand new TH8 with good tactics.


31 thoughts on “Slang”

  1. I’m new, so some common examples would help me be more confident in using the slang, e.g. how to call quantity/lvl of a unit/spell for cc, or request spells. Is it CW.Go.P or CWGoP? GiP or Gi.P (quantity implied by how many spaces)?

    Otherwise, I’m really liking how useful the slang is becoming in discussing this game! 😀


    1. We typically only use slang on attack naming although it bleeds over to cc requests. Something like “CW — Go Poi”. Or there is the witch set — 21, 212, 223 (witches in cc + wiz + fill). Etc. Anyway, we don’t push on cc requests as people type what they type.


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